Monday, April 16, 2007

First Birthday..almost missed it...

I Don't Do Mornings has just passed it's 1st Birthday!!

I have posted many topics over the past year, from the birth of a foal.

My good old days of being an Air Cadet. To my debutante ball.

Let's not forget WE VAMOOSE. There will be more updates on this real soon, stay tuned!!!

Speak Kiwi.

A Camel Toe Cup anyone??

Our visit to CERES there and HERE.

Beach Holiday at Rye.

Sarah graduated kindergarten.

Lest We Forget.

Let's Do Coffee.

History Lessons Begin.

Australia Day in our new house.

I have met many good friends in joining in this crazy thing called web logging. You can read each of their stories if you click on the links on the side bar..I mean, I don't need to tell you this now do I?? Nahhh.

A few weeks ago, I experienced the most wondeful thing. A young boy wanting to give anything to anyone because he was excited, he was excited because he had a bone marrow donor, from the USA. Amazing, the registry is a Worldwide network. THIS is the Aussie one. Don't do it as a gift to me for my blog it for someone for their life.

Thanks so much for letting me share my blog with y'all,
hope you have all enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed putting it all together .


Steve said...

Oh sorry are we suppose to read what you write?
I just come her for the free drinks cheese and crackers......

surfercam said...

Congrats Cazzie!
Keep up the fantastic work!
Cheers for the hangover tips too - keep them coming!

LanternLight said...

Happy Anniversity Cazzie.

captain corky said...

Happy anniversary Cazzie. I've enjoyed reading your stuff

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary...

I still haven't made it back to the beginning of your blog and plan to one day.

Glad I found you in "blogland".

PS... I named it "A day in the life" or you can leave the other :) Some do, some don't. It's like worrying about whether or not someone spells my first name right... takes too much energy.

Thanks for letting me come and visit.

PPS - hyperlexia - the ability to self-teach reading. To read without being taught... there are other behaviour traits that may or may not go with it.

echolalia - repeating of words verbatim from an outside source (ie tv, computer).


Lucy said...

Happy Anniversity Cazzie!!
First I met LanternLight. And I met you and Rebecca. I really hope Rebecca gets better.
If you meet Rebecca, please tell her, a Japanse care of her.

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary to you. I just today found your blog and have enjoyed it. I am a mom of four as well. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Comic Mummy said...

Happy Anniversary, lovely lady!!! xx

Homo Escapeons said...


"Good on ya, this is dinkie die, a real bonzer!
Let's have a stubby first and dig into the tucker, shall we?"

Here is to fifty more!
(Years not posts ya silly)

Betty said...

Happy Blogiversary, a little late. The time goes by quickly, when we're having fun, doesn't it?
Sorry to hear about Rebecca. I hope she gets better soon.

Aidan said...

Happy brithday I dont do mornings.... It has been a pleasure meeting you and learning about your life.... Keep posting and we will keep reading:)

Josh said...

Congratulations. I'm nearing my 1-year anniversary myself.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary or Birthday or whatever we bloggers call it. lol I enjoy reading you!

Melly` said...

Happy anniversary.

And thanks for the bone marrow registry link. I had that on a list of "to do's" myself! My list is getting out of hand but.

Menchie said...

Happy anniversary Cazzie! I hope your friend Rebecca gets better soon.

Keshi said...

WOW Happy First matey!

U have a cool blog and I simply love reading ur posts Caz. The personal touch is the best feature of ur posts. And lovely family pics ofcourse.

Keep it up!

Jay said...

Happy blogiversay Cazzie! Can't wait to see what the next year brings!

Steph said...

Congrats on the one year milestone!
I'm baking you a cake right now ;)

Best regards to your friend Rebecca too.

general_boy said...

Congrats Cazzie! It's been a hoot, and not to mention educational!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Steve, yes, chips dips chaind and whips, come one come all LOL.

Surfercam, thanks matey, hope you got the blood back in your alcohol system, or vise versa, lol.

Lanternlight, thanks mate.

Captain Corky, I am glad you do, likewise with your blog too :)

Farmwifetwo, I know, I have followed a few blogs back to their original post. I love to see them evolve. With me, I was only litterate PC wise with the computers at work. Each hospital has their own systems, and you get used to that.
I still have alot to learn. For instance, I don;t know how to hyperlink in a comment section. Or make a word in bold. Simple I am sure, alas, I don;t know it all yet :)
Hyperlexia, I reckon my second born could be that. He could read from such a young age and is onto big chapter books now in Grade 3. Then again, I have always read to my kids, since before they were born.

Lucy, thanks for visiting me still. I love reading your stories from your country, your culture. I can see your English is becoming very good. Keep up the good work.
When I get better, I will go see Rebecca and let her know you thinking of her.

Michelle, I look forward to reading your comments. I see you do not have a blog? Hope to see your posts one day too :)

Comic Mummy, thankyou very much. I love reading your lighthearted posts also. Glad you got your van back too, a wonderful New Year we will have.

Homo Escapeons, thanks so much mate, I wouldn't mind some seafood on the barbie, or even just a chook cooked in our Webber :) I love reading your posts too, always different, always entertaining :)

Betty, you have that right!! Time has gone by very fast here. So much has happned, we just never stay still really.

Aidan, thanks so much, I love looking at your entries and that of lovely Stacey too. You two are just great, an intelligent too!!!

Josh, that's good news, maybe we could all have a bloggyversary party :)

FC&F, yeah, I should have called it an anniversary not birthday I reckon. I am so glad I found your site, I enjoy your posts,all about work, fun, play and cheeky images too :) I am working towards looking as great as you :)

Melly, good for you hon, go for the registry. I will when my time limit is up. I had a blood transfusion and blood products so I am exempt from being able to donate at all for a while yet.

Menchie, thanks, I will pass on the message.

Keshi, you are an Angel, mno doubt in my mind. I want to meet you some day when we get to Sydney again. Sometime by the end of this year it will be :)

Jay Man, that is so nice, and you are the cuddly bear of blogs matey, I love reading your entries, always intreaguing :)

Steph, aww, thanks lovey, your bog is the most exciting I read. Your name may be at the bottom of my blogroll, but I work my way UP the roll daily :) What kinda cake you baking hey???
Will tell Rebecca of your kind regards, thanks so much.

General Boy, I am glad you stop by, I love reading yur stories. I lvoe the images you put up sometimes too :)

Alicia said...

Happy anniversary!

poody said...

looking forward to more posts from you

Dan said...

Happy Blog Birthday Cazzie! I just recently discovered you and I'm glad I did.

Ginnie said...

One whole year...that's a lot of blogging and it's hard to keep it up and continue to have it be interesting. You've done a great job & congratulations.

jillie said...

Well, if you ever run into a water've always got the jugs to supply! From the anniversary!

Congrats to you!!

mjd said...

Happy Blog Birthday,
I enjoy reading your fabulous blog and your warm and friendly comments of other blogs. I am sorry about Rebecca. I have been on the bone marrow registry for twelve years now although I am not sure that they want marrow from a 60 year-old.

Cazzie!!! said...

Alicia, thanks honey, I like reading your entries :)

Poody, thanks so much, I laugh when I read yours too.

Dan, keep the visits coming, I enjoy your topics too. You make life interesting :)

Ginnie, I never get tired of clicking on your link and seeing the wonders of the World :)

Jillie, LMAO!!! Love your new avatar btw :)

MJD, that is so wonderful you are on the bone marrow list, I am sure, if time came, they would use your marrow, you do look fit and healthy.
I enjoy reading your blog also, always a kind message behind your words:)

Jules said...

Hey Cazzie, thanks for dropping by. I have read your comments on Steph's blog and was meaning to pop by and check you out. It gets bloody exhausting though with all the bloody people you meet. If only we could find as many good "REAL" friends. Good stuff on making it to a year and glad to see someone else out there has four frickin kids, was beginning to feel like a freak of nature!

Cazzie!!! said...

Jules, lol at "Frik of nature", did you see my how to speeak NZ like post?? LOL SHould have written How To Spik NZ, LOL
I know it, I have bmet a few people who blog, but I wish I could meet everyone!! Maybe on my 40th Birthday party we can all get together somehow, and if not, I could web cam the party to some type of room we could create!!!
Yah, we are mad for having 4 kids, but I wouldn't change it either :)

Bibi said...

I'm glad I found your blog ... your energy is contagious! Congrats on year number one. ;-)

peppypilotgirl said...

Congrats on the one year anniversary and I still haven't posted that recipe but I will!

Stace said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Isn't it funny how all the memories add up? :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Bibi, thanks for the well wishes :)

Peppypilotgirl, that's ok. I have to provide a recipe for a Mother's Day book at my baby's kindergarten by the4 1st of May, maybe it could be the one :) They are compiling the recipe book for us mum's for Mother's Day, with drawings from our kids at the bottom of each recipe.

Stace, yes, you are so right. I can see your blog is creating lots of great memories, stories to tell your kids even, when you decide it is time to have them. Wish I had a blog prior to the birth of the kids :)

Reiki 4 Life said...

happy birthday! thank you so much for stopping by and your kinds words...its been a tough week in these parts...

Beefcake Almighty said...

I need some photoshop work done. Know of anyone that can help me out? Warn them prior to agreeing that they might not like what develops. They might be mentally scarred.


Biddie said...

Happy 1st Birthday! I hope that your friend comes home to her family soon.
Wait...did someone mention free drinks?

Cazzie!!! said...

Meredith, I hope itr gets btter soon for you, it will.

Beefcake, it was my friend Rebecca I speak of that did the photoshop for me. If I knew what to do I'd do it for ya, but your scarry shit might turn Angelic if I did it, LOL.

Biddie, thanks very much, lol at free drinks, soundsw good to me..but wait, it is only just past 8am no here.

gawilli said...

Happy Blogging Birthday to you! We must have started the same time. It's been a great's to another!

Andy said...


Yep. Boobies.

That is all.

Trundling Grunt said...

ooh, happy birthday!

Jezzy said...

Happy Anniversary Blog!