Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tomorrow is not just another day...

This is my Sarah out the front of her kindergarten last November, just prior to her graduation ceremony....

This is the moment I melted...when she came out of their locker room dressed in the Mortar and Cape get up to accept her Certificate of completion of Kindergarten. Just minus the rose colored sash that I had for my Health Sciences in Nursing Degree. It was a surprise, they had not hired these costumes before for the kids so we (the parents) were just stoked about it :)

Tomorrow, Sarah begins her first year of schooling in Grade Prep. We are all excited for her as she begins school at the same school I went to, right through to Grade 6. Her dad went there too for a year or two, until the local Catholic School was built, then he moved onto that one.
I hope she has as good a first day as I did at school. I remember lining up, behind me was a little girl named Julie, who is still one of my best friends to this day. We had to try to pick our names out of all these upturned name tags. I actually chose Julies name, and she chose mine...funny it was, and funny it still is.
All these years later, 31 years to be exact, look where we are now. I became the Nurse I wanted to be, and Julie became the Hairdresser she wanted to be. Even though we mucked about a bit during activities and got masking tape out on our gobs for talking too much in class (hehe, who would have guessed it eh?).
I also remember a time when we did an activity on taste buds. We had to blind fold our partner and then put a spoon of condiment on the other one's tongue. I kept on getting Julie to put more vinegar and more soy sauce on my tongue as I loved them....correction..still do love them.
Anyone remember fun activities in Grade School?


Rebecca said...

Yes, I remember the 'fun' activity of having my left hand taped to the table, so that I would write right handed.

Anonymous said...

I loved field day in grade school.

You aren't a proud momma, are you? I couldn't tell. lol

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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SignGurl said...

She's just adorable!

I remember tasting paste under the table in kindergarten. Of course it was a boy that made me do it :)

surfercam said...

That is awesome.
My little monkey starts school next year - can't wait!

Keshi said...

OMG she's a darl!

** kept on getting Julie to put more vinegar and more soy sauce on my tongue as I loved them....correction..still do love them.

LOL cute Caz!

I rem many many fun activities :) One was balancing a lime on a spoon and having a friend fell down and she got so upset she broke her hair-band into 2 LOL!


gawilli said...

What I remember most about elementary school was the fire escape. Our class was on the second floor and the escape was a long metal tube that you would slide down and land in a big sandbox. Firedrills were the best, unless of course you were wearing a dress!

Melly` said...

She is just gorgeous.

The horrid contact didnt kill you either - a plus!Clever you with buying the labels... my wrists got sore writing their names ever so small on all those damn pencils.

Normality again! Bliss.

Cazzie!!! said...

Rebecca, that's no fun at all lady :(

Flat Coke and Flies, sure am, LOL.

Signgurl, lol, so now you are a sign gurl..which means ya must have liked that paste :)

Surfercam, my 4 yr old starts next year too, last of the four monkeys to go :)

Keshi, lol. How are ya :)

Willi, ouch, down the rail with a dress on, hot days, rashes, ouch. But what fun if ya had a pair of pants on hey?

Melly, yes, tnhe contact is a killer....and the stickers are a God send. Make sure you go through Identity Direct, they are great and good prices too. I order off the internet, as easy as that.

phishez_rule said...

That is the cuest litte graduation outfit I have ever seen. Are you going to get professional photos each time she graduates from something and keep them on display?
That would be darn cute.

Cazzie!!! said...

Phishez rule, I reckon that's a spot on idea. Since I have my baby Mia going to graduate Kinder the same way at the end of the year I can do it for both of my girls :)