Monday, January 29, 2007

New Years Pics...

Beginning with this picture, if you put this and the next two side by side it is a panoramic view of what we could see whilst standing on the top of the hill on the banks of the Yarra River, just prior to the family fire works on NYE. This, my friends, is Melbourne :)
The gold glowing building is the Grand Hyatt Hotel where we stayed for our Wedding night, what a lovely place to stay I must add.

9:15pm family fire works.
MCG in lights on NYE, taken from the banks of the Yarra.

Our new Mazda 2 Genki, exactly the same as this one, just a different rego number..and of course...cooler...because I drive it :)


Melly` said...

Oh - do tell us more about the car.. I think at the mid to end of this year we will need a new car (Anna getting her license and all?)

LanternLight said...

What happened to the EXA?

Cazzie!!! said...

Will do Melly..

Am selling it Lantern :)

Ginnie said...

Cazzie: Thanks for the pictures and for the very interesting comments on my latest blog. Isn't it amazing when we live so many light years apart and yet have similar experiences! Say hi to your kids for me.

Keshi said...

wow nice Mazda there and heyyyy great pics! Absolutely beautiful!

Hugggggggz Caz!

gawilli said...

What a beautiful place! And what a cool little car...of course we all knew it would be cooler because of you! I don't know that I have ever heard of that kind of car so you will have to fill us in.

Steph said...

Nice pics........not quite as good as Sydneys view but still.......*runs away* :P

Keshi said...

LOL Steph!


Jay said...

Cool pics.

And REALLY cool car! I want a new car!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if we have those cars here.

Glad you posted pictures--I'm a big fan of pictures.

I had some friends a few years ago move from Austrailia to a little country place where they were hiding from end time events. They were a little coo-koo about the rapture & Godly business. Seemed strange. They were in the radio business I believe. Don't know why I mentioned that, Melbourne made me think of it I think.

surfercam said...

cool pics Caz

Cazzie!!! said...

Ginnie, will do, and yes it is amazing similar experiences.

Keshi, ty for the compliments :)

Willi, lol, the car is a nice comfy compact yet safe car to drive, unless I am at the wheel, LOL.

Stef, pmsl, tell me about it. Those were just the family fireworks, not the midnight ones..and we missed them as I had to catch the train home with the kids which took ages :( Hey, how can ya run girl? LOL

Jay Man, as Nike says, "Just Do It"

Flat coke, yes, I love pics too. But as I just moved house and now located my camera (winks) I can continue blogging pics for everyone to see.

Surfercam, cheers, and thanks for visiting :)

SignGurl said...

What a breathtaking view!

surfercam said...

No worries Caz.
Long time stalker, first time poster.
I've added you to my list of daily blogs to visit, so I'll be around for a long while.
See ya!

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

nice pictures, nice car, nice you. :)

Cazzie!!! said...

TY Signgurl :)

No worries Surfercam, glad you posted :)

Pink Ginger, that's so nice I am now blushing :)