Thursday, September 14, 2006

Things you can drink, other than beer, and you can run your diesel engine on it too!!!

These are some more pics from the day we had at CERES, the first of many to come. We became the 100th members of the Victorian Biodiesel Group on this day. The man of the moment is Paul Martin. If you make the time, please have a look at this article from July 19th 2006 that was published in The Age Newspaper. Paul says in the article that, "Since 2000, I've spent about $70 on fossil diesel, and I've run a car the whole time." Check it people, it is a great read and the man is casual, friendly and approachable as he seems in the article there. No BS about it, he IS doing his bit for the environment, just as we are going to.
Also, checkout this Youtube of Daryl Hannah, she even drinks the biodiesel!! Of course, if you wanted to stick with Millers..then that'd be just fine!! LOL.


gawilli said...

I liked reason #3 to keep the lid down!

Your kids are beautiful!

The clip on bio-diesel was the best. A toxicity level somewhere between salt and maple syrup. And you don't have to go to war for it. What in the world are we doing to ourselves?

Steph said...

I spend about $70 a WEEK on petrol.
bio-diesel sounds the way to go.

Jay said...

That bio-diesel is so good that the oil companies may have to bribe congress to outlaw the stuff.

Melly` said...

The scarey thing is - what Jay says will probably damn happen!

Love the loo sign!

Thanks for the sympathy over the eye incident - I really needed it!

Cazzie!!! said...

Willi, I purposly didn't take a pic of the lid open because it just goes straight into a pit..everything at CERES is recycled! Thanks for the compliment on the kids, they are truly gorgeous when they are asleep, LOL.
Steph, yep, we spend almost 1.5 times that on feul. With the bus to run on diesel for our trip, biodiesel is not only cost efficient, but it makes us feel we will eb able to do our bit for the environment too.
Jay, the thought has crossed my mind. THey see that biodiesel is about, but they ignore it..then..when if it gets popular I am sure they will come and wreck the party :(
Melly, hope the eye is better :)

Keshi said...

biodiesel sounds like heaven-sent!

ur kids r as usual bloody cute :)


Anonymous said...




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Huggies said...

I think Bio-Diesel is the future for alot our transport needs.

Lucy said...

I think your kids are very cute. So their hair are very very beatiful!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Huggies, I agree with ya man!

Lucy, yes, on my son's first ever excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens here in Melbourne he was kidnapped by a load of Japanese tourists..because of his white hair :) It put our excursion back 40 minutes!!! So, he is in many mnay photos somewhere in your beloved country...I think it is great :)

ishita said...

kids are adorable:)...! luvd their pics!

and...dis is d first time i've heard of bio-diesel! hmmmm....

saby said...

Bio diesel is fine for domestic fuel

but for industry its nuclear fuel as France has chosen

its clean, it dont fuck up the environment

but it can get awful messy if there is an accident or a terrorist attack

Mark said...

Lot of people use it here in Cal. Not to piss in your cornflakes, but I have concerns about the polluting aspect of it. I've seen the crap that spews out of the tailpipe of cars and trucks running on that crap.