Saturday, September 09, 2006

Our first visit to CERES...

Sarah rolling down the hill at the Merry Creek end of CERES.

Andrew, Mia, Nick and Tom on the "Skink" made of recycled bits and pieces.

These are just a few pics of our fun time we had at CERES today. It was a cold day and a bit windy but that was ok because it made the windmills turn and made the water wheel you see there in the pic turn and showed the kids what wind energy can do. There are chooks and veggie gardens, people busy putting together bikes from all the different bike parts donated to the centre and there is also a nursery that smells devine. We got there at the end of the cute market place they put on of a Saturday...a 4yr old boy walked past us as we walked in and said, "There's no veggies left anymore"...we laughed. Maybe next time hey..
Andew got to sit in on the last part of the Biodiesel meeting and we have ordered a book to come in the next week or so that is like a guidebook for dummies to make biodiesel.....not that we are dummies..and I did do very well in Chemistry at High School and in my Nursing Degree at University (thanks to avid watching of the Curiosity Show, ha-de-ha-ha).
Will upload more pics tomorrow or Monday.


halfmanhalfbeer said...

Cazzie: looks like you had a wonderful time!


TC said...

Looks like a great time!!!

Keshi said...

lol so cute!


Rebecca said...

"No vegies left!"
Didn't you take your own, aka Ange? :-P

Carolyn Buick said...

Gorgeous! How lovely to hear about your first visit. It's such a great place