Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday History Lesson Number 3...

Welcome to my history lesson number I will let on about Melbourne's Shrine Of Rememberance. In April, April 25th to be exact, we will be remembering the fallen from wars past and present on our ANZAC Day. I will post more about this then.
(Gathering of people on Anzac Day at the dawn service on what marked the 90th anniversary of the ANZAC's landign at Gallipoli, also the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II in August 1945 and the fall of Saigon 30 years prior that spelled the end of the Vietnam War)

So, The Shrine of Rememberance is one of the most recognisable landmarks in Victoria. It is located on St Kilda Road in Melbourne, just South of the CBD. You can walk from the train station down to the shrine, as I did many a time on ANZAC Day as a little cadet...or take a tram ride to the shrine. Either way, it is a nice little trip. The tours of the Shrine are free and very informative, be sure to catch one when you venture this way.

( The Shrine up top of the image, and our trams running on StKilda Road )

( This statue, in the basement of the Shrine of Remembrance, represents fathers and sons who fought in WWI and WWII)

The Shrine was built between 1928 and 1934 with funds that were raised by the residents of Victoria. The forecourt area was not finished until 1955. This is the area that people who participate in the ANZAC Day Parade march up to and convene.

The design of the Shrine resulted from a world-wide architectural competition, won by Victorian returned soldiers, Philip Hudson and James Wardrop. Their entry was influenced by details from classical Greek monuments, with the cubic form stepped pyramid roof derived from the mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. Amazing isn't it?
This is an image of the inside of the Shrine, with beautiful friezes around the ceiling. One side of the pyramid roof has a small hole in it, which allows light to shine on the marble floor panel at 11am on November 11th. That image, I will share on Rememberance Day itself.

Gathering back on Nov 11th, 1934 at the Shrine of Rememberance.

So, whether you like to have a look at nice architecture, or if you are certainly interested in learning about our history, the Shrine of Rememberance is a must see. Right next door are the lovely Royal Botanical Gardens, and Domain Parklands and my favourite place of all The National Gallery of Victoria.

Next Friday, I might introduce to you some fine history about a man and garbage can for a hat, so stay tuned for some surprises....and "'ave-a-goodweekend..orrrighty!!!"


Stace said...

You are very methodical about educating the world on Australia! Congratulations on such a good job :)

Jay said...

Another really interesting post Cazzie. Very cool place to visit.

The Stormin Mormon said...

On Sunday you have a Formula One race...

I am so jealous...

M said...

love the NGV! As a kid whenever we went to the city we had to stop past the NGV so I could stare at the fountains and run up and touch the water wall. Good times.

I went on an excursion to the shrine recently. Amazing place.

Alicia said...

I won't need to take a trip to Australia with all of this education you're providing me!

ps~ I LOVE the way you guys say "birds".

We say it and it sounds like "BeRRds", but YOU say it and it sounds like "buhds". Lovely.

Lucy said...

Thnak you. I like you picture and post.

poody said...

GRRRR Blogger ate my comment. I love the history lessons and look forward to them. I knew a man once who made a hat out of a black cat roadkill. It would sit on his head all curled up like a kitty.So, tell me about the guy with a garbage can hat!I didn't paint the 12 apostles I only painted my living room the colors in the picture my friend sent me. I am however working on an art project for you though.

chirky said...

Wow- I've always been curious about Australia, but have never known much about it. Today I'm THAT MUCH more educated. Plus, I like the pictures. :)

Beefcake Almighty said...

This serves as a tour gide for us if we ever make it down there.

Betty said...

Thanks for the history lessons. I've always been interested in Australia - would love to go there someday.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Wow! That is a gorgeous building.

I am sooo loving your "history lessons". ;)

Ginnie said...

I would love to visit your part of the bring it alive for us and make it vey appealing.

Cazzie!!! said...

Stace, thanks hon. I was going to go onto Outback Adventures, using pics that my mum took on her many travels, but I need a scanner to get them in. There are some real remote pics there, she has a $wd so many things you wouldn't see on a bus trip ya know.

Jay, thanks mate.

Stormin Mormon, Yes, we sure do hon. Then next weekend we have the biggest Airshow ever, my other half isd setting up for it as I type here.

M, Me too, it is so my favourite place to go, every time brings a new surprise :)

Alicia, for us in this house we pronounce it "burds"...which could mean the feathered or the girl variety :) LOL

Lucy, tag along each Friday :)

Poody, yeah, I got that, and I look forward to you workin on somethin' for me :)

Chirky, welcome, and I am glad these posts each Friday are creating interest. I love these places, and I am glad I can share them too.

Beefcake, yes, I guess it would too. In Melbourne, there is a city circle tram. Ypu get on for FREE amd it takes you all around town, letting you know historical references, you can get off and back on whenever you want to. Very good trip, we have taken a few overseas visitors on it too.

Betty, hope you do make it here, let us know if you ever do ok :)

QOD, yes, the building is great isn't it? I am glad you are enjoying the lessons. I love your lessons too :)

Ginnie, as do you my dear, I just LOVE your lessons also :)

Irene said...

Thanks for the fabulous tour! You just gave me another reason to put Australia in one of my top must-see places to visit. =)

Homo Escapeons said...

You are a wonderful tour guide.
I'll have to send you the link to my Flanders Field Post..I had the Author's Medals and there was a big kerfuffle about it all.
Speaking of Halicarnassus, I saw on the news that some group is having a new internet lottery for people to vote on the modern seven wonders of the world...they should just let historians (like us) vote.

Just finished watching The Good German with George Clooney & Cate's about cleaning up all of the loose ends at the end of WW2 at the Potsdam conference...the hypocrisy was just as thick as it is now...I guess we'll never learn.

egan said...

So much to learn in this post. I'll have to come back and read more. Melbourne seems like a cool city. I loved the before and after pictures. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

phishez_rule said...

I've never been the the shrine. Lived in Vic for about 18 years but have never been.

MilkMaid said...

Wow Cazzie, those are some cool photos and what a great job of education you are conducting here. Let me stay out of your way, cuz you KNOW Crabby will be here soon, shooting spitballs at me and causing all kinds of disruptions.

Miss Natalie said...

OKay.... Next time I go to Melbourne I'll make sure it's not a plane there, meetings, lunch, meetings plane back.

What's the city like this weekend? Packed with tourists for the Formula One?

G-Man said...

Cazzie, your a very interesting tour guide, and obviously a lover of your homeland. I think thats terrific!! I've scanned a few of your Archives and I'm very impressed by your style.
Thanks for visiting me again, I love the Aussi's!....G-Man

Cazzie!!! said...

Irene, I hope you do get to come over one day :)

Homo Esc. , I wanted to see The Good German, just to look at George Clooney, lol. No, seriously though, an important point you bring up there, hypocracy at its best eh..
I look forward to your link youwill send me too mate.

Egan, no worries, yes, Melbourne is a busy place, always something to do, some festival you know. We just finished Grand Prix (F1) and next wekend it is the Air Show at Avalon.

Phishez, come baaack, you should go there, the parklands are awesome too.

Milkmaid, that cracks me up by cracky!!! You come when you wanna have a rant ok, and I am glad you liked the post, each Friday is a new experience here.

Miss Natalie, yes, I believe, according to my hubby, it was packed, he was directing people places to catch trams and so forth to the Albert Park Precinct for the Grand Prix. Plus, the Chapel Street Festival is on so it is busy that end of town too. Next weekend will be busy towards Geelong at the Avalon Airshow.

G-Man, hey, why thanks (blushes), I am glad you like my style, I try to just be me and bring swomething different to the table each post. Life is busy right now, so I am only posting 3 times or so a week. But, Friday's will always be history.

Andrew said...

And when the light shines through the hole in the roof at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, as you mentioned, it illuminates the word LOVE. I heard the tale of how this was calculated, but it went the way of most useful information when your brain is full of trivia.