Sunday, March 11, 2007

Barista's... post 200 apparently for my site...

When in Melbourne, I cannot go past Pellegrini's Espresso Bar. I have posted about its significance to the history of Melbourne before and to me personally aswell.

When I have travelled to Sydney, the best place thus far to have indulged in some coffee and cake was at Battuta Café Restaurant. The service was very friendly and accomodating. There was a deluge of rain at the time (who said Sydney doesn't have rain? lol) and the staff were very nice to make sure we were comfortable. Of course, I was with Steff and Chantelle, so they were being eyed off by the guys behind the counter, well, they do have great taste (winks).

We all opted to try out an Affogato. I didn't know what it was so we all enquired and all ordered a double shot. Far as I could see, it is vanilla ice cream with espresso lightly poured over it. The ice cream melts and you have lovely rich espresso to enjoy. Accompanied by a slice of cake or some biscotti, it was to die for !!
There are courses run in each major town to learn the way of the Barista, I may partake in this some time. It is not expensive, and you can also take a course in that of Chocoholics aswell, sound tempting anyone? Are you a tea, coffee, or chocolate lover?


Aidan said...

AS i mentioned in the before post I love Pellegrinis cafe in Bourke Street. the coffee is always superb... Melbourne has a massive coffee culture, everyone has their local... MIne was Book talk in richmond, a second hand book shop and cafe, for me thats like putting a pub next to an AA meeting.... my two adictions:)

Affogato. sounds like a superb indulgence:)

But in answer to your question I am a MASSIVE coffee fiend:)

surfercam said...

I am an absolute coffee-aholic, so next time I'm in sunny Melbourne I will have to go to Pellegrini's.
In Sydney you should try Le Petit Creme in Darlinghurst for their Bowl of Cappuccino.
And on the Gold Coast, try Little Beans - you'll see me there every Saturday & Sunday mornings

Jay said...

I'm not a huge coffee person but I love to go to those places because so many of them have free wireless. And great cookies and cakes and stuff.

The Samstress said...

Sounds Wonderful, and I can't think of anyplace near me that compares! I'm a coffee-holic. Hazelnut with cream please. But if the coffee is strong with good flavor, hold the cream,.

Flat Coke and Flies said...

I love chocolate. I love coffee. Put them together and I'm just a mess!!

jillie said...

That coffee looks so good right about now but I am afraid that it would keep me up all night. Looking forward to having my brew in the a.m. though.

Thanks for stopping by ;o)

jillie said...

Oh man...I can't imagin how that looked in a pretty dress!

I was doing a 3 day 60 mile walk for the breast cancer foundation and early into the 2nd day, I fell off of a curb and tore the tendons and ligaments and just had surgery on it about 6 weeks ago and just got the cast off last week. I had a HOT PINK one too. You can check it out in a few of the earlier!

How's your mom's foot now?

Cazzie!!! said...

Aidan, yes, it was your comment that made me think of doing this post :) Wow, I havent been to that Richmond Store before, I have been to a few bookshops with cafes in Lygon Street. Cannot go past a bookshop, love the smell of paperbacks :)

Surfercam, will try the Darlinghurst one when next visiting my friend who lives there, sounds great ty.

Oh Jay, right now it is after 3pm and I crave something sweet, thinking Tiramisu..nope, go the apple, yeah I will go the apple, lol.

Sam, I haven't tried a coffee with hazelnut before, maybe I will next time I am out there.

FC&F, I once went to an indulgence at The Windsor in Melbourne, it was great, and I felt very naughty afterwards :)(Check it here)...

Jillie, just knew you were a nurse, I always say in the p.m. or in the a.m., just as we would in our notes on shift :) Welcome to I Don't Do Mornings!!! Yes, coffee is good to keep you awake on night shift, but that middle of the day loo stop breaks the sleep it!!

M said...

I grew up 'drinking' affogato (this could explain my coffee addiction). yum.

Middle Child said...

MMMMMM sounds great... smells good, is good...I love the smells of coffee shops so much

ChickyBabe said...

If I haven't had my coffee in the morning, there's no point talking to me!

phishez_rule said...

Mmm. Coffee

gawilli said...

Oh my, Willi would love the course for Baristas. We both are cofeeholics. What a fun post!

The Painted Sky said...

I've never had a bad coffee in Melbourne....but in Adelaide I only trust one ....Cibo.

Each morning after I crawl out of bed at the ungodly early hour of 9.30 am, I eventually make my way to CIBO for a double shot long black. Only after that do I attempt to enter the studio and begin work.

Crabby said...

ooooooooooooo. Yum and double yum! I soooo want that. LOL!

Beefcake Almighty said...

In the noble words of Sir Denis Of Leary, I'm a proponent of coffee-flavored coffee.

Alicia said...

I love coffee.
We live in Mormon-ville and it's a "sin" to drink coffee.
A sin.
Any hot beverage in the morning is a sin unless it's the Mormon-coffee that the church sells.

I'm not Mormon. I just want some damn coffee. :)

Reiki 4 Life said...

i'm not mormon, nor do i think it is sinful to drink coffee...but i have never ever in my life so much as tasted coffee. i love the smell of coffee beans, i just have never felt the need to drink it.

as a side note, i also love the smell of gasoline, but have never felt the need to drink it either :)

poody said...

a class to learn the fine art of coffe making. I love in this order chocolate anything except donuts,Iced tea with lots of sugar,and coffee any way any time!Send me youir address and I will send you some coffe beans to die for! email me

general_boy said...

Coffee and choc. Have my own Espresso, grind my own beans. It's a ritual. :)

I have a regular downstairs from the office in TinyTown, I always stop and have a chat to the Barrista and constantly probe him for tips on the perfect cup... in between all the other daily chit chat.

I'm sure it makes a difference when you get to know the guy ( or girl :) ) who gives you your daily fix.

jillie said...

Ok I had my yummy java this morning and yes, I know it's evening but that's ok...

Hope you had a great day ;o)

Keshi said...

I've been down Bourke St in Mel. But not to the cafe. Next time I will.


Steph said...

Next time you're in Sydney, go on a chocolate and coffee tour.

Personally, I can't go past Haighs for chocolate.

Homo Escapeons said...

I have so much sugar and cream in my coffee or tea that I can only handle very limited doses...cannot drink it after 2 in the afternoon either..which is weird because I can drink 4 Litres of Coke at midnight and fall asleep.

Chocolate ain't's surviving.

If the terrorists wanted to crush the West all they have to do is block the flow of coffee...our way of life and our entire civilization would crumble into a jittery mess within one working don't tell them.

Cazzie!!! said...

m, my, you are sooo lucky :)

Middle Child, I cannot decide between book shops and coffee shops, they are both soo yumm!!!

Chickybabe, me too, I am the same!!

Phishez...wonder if fishes drink coffee, lol.

Gawilli, I am glad you liked the post, close to all pour hearts :) The course is enticing

Next I am in Adelaide I must try CIBO, ty Painted Sky. Oh, perhaps it will gimme inspiration to paint again!!!

Crabby, you are a poet and you never knowd it, lol.

Beekcake, I wish I was as good as you at reciting such ..recitals !!! Love that!!!

Alicia, lol, you are just crackin'me up girl!!! How about some chickory coffee..tried that?

Meredith, you just made me remember, I always loved the smell of gasoline too, so much so I either wanted to be a nurse or a gas tank filler, lol. Me, the pump beauty from Down Under, lol.

Poody, ohhh, sounds devine!!! I just had a thought, I love coffee anyway too, even Iced Coffee :) Addy is on the way.

GB is a grinder hey..coolies!!! Will call in one day when in the neighbourhood then :)

Jillie, java is a nice drop of coffee, I have had it before. My fav so far is Moccona and the Gloria Genes Mud Slide Espresso..mmmm.

Keshi, we will ahve to get together for a coffee opposed to grog blog :) I will shout you a cuppa and some mean pasta al dente at Pellegrini's!!!

Steph, I will be sure to book that next I am in Sydney..hopefully by October at the latest this year.

Homo Escapeons, Oh yes, I concur, it would be soo true, there'd be feral people running everywhere and just being mean to each other without coffee. Imagine teachers without their 1st coffee of the morning!! Poor students...and what about us nurses who get up at 5am to get to wrok to begin an a.m. at 7a.m.? FERAL I SAY!!!

Menchie said...

That affogato sounds heavenly! I'm with Aidan....major coffee addict. :P

Alicia said...

Don't believe Beefcake. He doesn't drink coffee.
He's in kahoots with the Mormons and their evil plot to rid my body of the much-loved nicotine and caffeine that my body has grown dependant on.

He sits on a throne of lies, that Beefcake Almighty.


The Stormin Mormon said...

I can't start my day without coffee. Always from the same shop, but never the same drink...

Keshi said...

Grog blog wud suit better LOL!

** I will shout you a cuppa and some mean pasta al dente at Pellegrini's!!!

bring it on yummmmmmz!


Cazzie!!! said...

Menchie, we are all the same then :)

Alicia, so we will have to look out for him ploughing the fields and pickin'the potatoes alongside his bretheren? lol

Stormin'Mormon, yes, I like to try different kinds of brew also :)

Keshi, you are on girl.

susan said...

you have classes for coffee and chocoholics???? As long as they aren't a 12 step program, count me in!