Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey everyone... how are you all? Well, school vacation is in full swing now here in Melbourne. I love it! NO schedules, unless I am at work. The only thing is, I keep waking up at 3 or4 am because I am so used to working night shift and all, I go to sleep about 10pm or so, and I wake like I have had enough sleep already. My Dad and my Pop used to do that too. I guess, we are like Presidents and Prime Ministers... we can run on short quality sleep?
Speaking of that, we have had an amazing turn of events in the history of Politics in Australia (For anyone who is not Down Under, because if you in fact are Down Under you would have to be under some rock not to know what has gone on, lol). PM Kevin Rudd quashed by his two IC Julia Gillard. Unreal! My Sarah was very excited, because she got to meet her last year, as did I, at school. PM Julia Gillard came to open up a new science fair that the Grade 3's were having. We all felt very special when she came to do her talk. It did not matter what political preference anyone had at the time, this was about the kids receiving a wonderful grant to go forth and explore, be kids , have fun and be able to use great programmes within the class and outdoor setting.
Getting up so early, and having been working night shifts has its plus. What? I hear you ask. Well, I got to watch the World Cup..and yes yes yes, my friends in Germany and I conversed via Facebook during our match between Oz and Germany. Sadly, a no brainer, Germany just love their footy. Our Au Pair Susi, who went home to Germany last year, has been watching the World Cup too, she made me laugh when sending me an email about how bad it was for us Aussies to have Germany as competition, haha.
Brrrr, this Winter is a shocker already here. It has been so cold! Yesterday I had a fair bit to do about the house but I was distracted by listening to my mate Mal's radio broadcast..tee hee. It was live, yes live I tell you... thanks to the wonderful internet. My girls and I danced about the loungeroom to Mal's cool Xavier Rudd live music. Mal even gave us a cheerio on air and we were stoked! HEre he is in a studio in New South Wales, in another state to us and we are able to listen to his live broadcast. I tell you it was great to hear Mal's voice. And.. he is an awesome presenter too!
My gorgeous grandad turned 85 yesterday. He is still so suarve, I love him :)
Plans, well, I plan to take the kids to the pictures this coming week, and to The Old Melbourne Gaol for a looky look. I also want to go to Scienceworks again and to the Melbourne Museum too. Lots to do.


Jayne said...

Goodness, you're a busy gal lol. Sounds like a great holiday time is planned :)

Mom said...

It was 102 degrees F. here this week. (I think that is about 38 degrees C.)

Ginnie said...

I never can get used to how topsy turvy your world and mine is...
here you are on "winter vacation" and freezing and we are steamy in the mid 90's !!
BTW the picture of your children is just adorable...what a lovely family (and your granddad too!)

Middle Child said...

Wow, i'll have to tune into Mal soon...I didn't realise you could