Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well, I just managed to catch the kids all together on the couch. They have been fed, ears cleaned, nails cut and all have complete their homework and reading. Thank goodness it will be school holidays this Friday, end of Term 2 at school. I love the Winter school vacation time. Sleep in..yeah!


Ro said...

Fab photo of fab kids :)
Winter hols was invented to appreciated the sleep in lol ;)

karisma said...

Shhhh! don't tell my kids its holidays! They always try to take extra's LOL. I will have to send Zak down for a scrub. I can't seem to catch him!

PS. You did not tell me which books the kids liked. Picture or chapter for the magic school bus.

Cazzie!!! said...

Ro, thanks honey... i was so lucky to get them all together for it too..and kudos to the sleep in :)

Karisma, haha, any oportunity arises the kids would take holidays aye , tee hee.
okay, re the Magic school bus, they have been reading the picture book ones, but, Sarah and Nick are into the chapter ones. Any suggestions on other authors or books for 7yrs to 13 yr age group? I will go to the library with them next week :)

Mom said...

Beautiful children.
We have just begun the long summer holiday with a week at the beach.

Middle Child said...

What a beautiful bunch of kiddies you have there - you must feel so good about them

Lucy said...

Your kids' schools have the Winter school vacation! That is nice.
Our kids' schools alomst have almost the Summer school vacation.
It is very hot in Japan now.
Your kids are so cool.