Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sarah turns 9 21st June 2010.

Tomorrow morning Sarah is nine years old. She was born in the early hours, but she came at 41 weeks gestation. I think Sarah was very warm and comfy inside my tummy and just did not want to make a move to be born yet!

I had hubby and two friends there with me through out the birth process. I remember ringing the hospital when I had run out of the hot water at home. Then we called my friends at about 3am to say we were headed to the hospital. They were there in a jiffy. It was wonderful

You see, Sarah had a smile on her face the day she was born and it really hasn't left her. She is a sensitive person, and in tune with the feelings of people around her. Of course she has her "moments" but we all do.

Happy 9th birthday to my Sarah.


Jayne said...

Hope Sarah has a wonderfully happy birthday tomorrow xxx :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Thanks Jayne, I think she will love the gifts we have for her when she wakes up this morning.
Nice clothes, a board game and a book. Then, later on on the day, we will give her a cool basketball as she has been playing it alot with her friends.

Jay said...

Happy Birthday to Sarah!!

FoxyMoron said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Sarah.

April Staines said...

I cant believe she is 9. Happy Birthday!

Cazzie!!! said...

Jay Man... thanks so very much, she loved her day.

Foxy... thankyou honey... and lots of huggs to you.

April, me too, I cannot believe it either... it was like yesterday I had her.

Ann ODyne said...

fantastic array of gifts covering all the bases too. lovely lucky girl.

I am so sorry but I have to ask - 'when we ran out of the hot water' - what is the hot water for?

Cazzie!!! said...

Hey there Ann, sorry I did not explain it very well in the post
:(. The hot water was what we "ran out of" because I used it all up being in the shower, haha. The hot water on my contracting muscles was soothing..and then the hot water system was runnin' on So, off I went to hospital to use their hot water and some laughing gas teehee