Saturday, July 03, 2010

I took the sproutlings to see The Karate Kid flick yesterday at Highpoint shopping centre. I was very happy to see it was not a copy of the original movie. I especially loved the scenery and the costumes and of course, the sound track. My Sarah claimed to have cried twice during the movie, it was a moving story..and we were all so pleased at the end... you will have to see it. Our collaborative rating... 5 stars for this one.
The school hols have been fun thus far. The kids have alot of friends to play with this time. A family with 10 kids around the corner, 4 of them my smallest three's ages, come through to play here....or they all go to the park and play basketball. I have also kept a few back later than the 5:30pm curfew for tea.. with their Mum's consent of course.
While we were at Highpoint Shopping Centre, Sarah tried some Sushi, a Californian Roll to be exact. She loved it. Looks like I ought to get a kit for making these things.
We bought some odds and ends in some of the shops. I cannot believe how much the shopping centre has grown since I was at University. I used to go there alot for shopping and especially clothes and shoes and bags.. back then. I remember getting lost there as a child, approx age 9yrs. It was at least ten times smaller then. I was worried I would loose one of my kids too yesterday. They were all very well behaved and stayed close to mother hen.
I went into a lovely shop called Ishka, I bought the girls some glittery bangles, and myself some perfume creme, sandalwood scent of course. I eyed off some of their clothes, but as usual, I turned around, expressing my need to loose weight again thing. Sorry, it is shitting me this Winter. Very hard to do much when I am working nights alot. Not an excuse, more an observation.
I look at my kids and I cannot believe how much they are maturing. I could squish them so tight and never let them go sometimes, and other times they drive me nuts, haha.. it is just how it goes :)


Mom said...

Sounds like life is good down under.

Middle Child said...

You know when you look around at many of us - me included - the shops that only cater for small people would make a packet if they catered for us all -

I went past where you work when i was down seeing the girls recently - that is if you still work in A&E

Andrew said...

There is a new Karate Kid movie? Could not possibly as good as the original. Guess you can best judge as you have seen both. I have not been to Highpoint for many years. It was not very big when I was last there.

FoxyMoron said...

I know exactly what you mean re the kids. Sometimes you just want time to stand still for a bit.

karisma said...

I went shopping (for like 5 minutes LOL) and could not find anything to fit. I put on a good 10 kilos before winter and don't fit any of my clothes other than one pair of jeans. They are supposed to be a size 10 yet I can still squeeze into them. However, at the shops a 14 would not fit me. I know I have put on weight but really? They need to fix the sizing up so we know what will fit. Its quite depressing otherwise hey? It all seems to come down to the boy shape. If we have hips or a bit of lumps anywhere, nothing fits! How rude!

I can't wait to see the new Karate Kid movie, I am so taking the boys next week on the sneaky. SB thinks we should wait for the video but the boys so love going to the flicks. And if Jackie Chan is there? Well so am I! hehe!

Cazzie!!! said...

Mom, it sure is :)

Therese, yes I do work in the A&E aswell as every other Unit. I am back on three night sstraight as of tonoght (Sunday night). I have had the week off for school hols. :)

Andrew, you would be shocked at how big the place is! I wonder how some of the'"boutique" shops even stay open.. not many customers in alot of them.

Karisma, my feelings exactly! Perhaps your smart daughter could cater to our needs in the future :)
They will love it and Jackie Chan is so sweet in it, and very humbling :)

Ginnie said...

The original Karate Kid was a favorite of mine and I'm glad the new one is not just a "make-over".
You sure keep a busy and fun life going !

A Slice of My Life said...

I'm glad to hear such a good reveiw. I've gotten to where I can't stand remakes as they just can't hold up to the original. I'll put it on my "want to see" list.