Sunday, December 06, 2009

Party Party Party

On Friday Susi and I picked the kids up from school at about Midday an we went to Melbourne Airport. Susi was going home after a year here in The Land Down Under. It was sucha lovely day and Susi did not want to leave here. Ahhh, we hope she will return in less than the two year mark she has predicted. The Aussie travel bug has bitten her! She arrived home safe and well to her loving family... and less than ten degree celcius days :(
So, anyway, there are about 13 work parties that I could go to, but I won't go to all of them. There is just not enough time to do it all :)
Today we went to hubbies work Christmas party, it was good day and wonderful weather at that. It came at a great time to take the sad goodbye to Susi off the girl's minds. They miss her alot.
Tom thought it was boring compared to previous years that we had attended hubbies work parties. You see, there is a difference this year. There are new people running the show now at his work and well, of course there will be changes. So the party was at a different place with a different theme.
As parents we thought it was nice to have the party in the city and beside the Yarra River. There was plenty of food, and even though you had to line up for each individual serve of food, on the whole, it was not too bad.

Plenty of cold drinks were had and the kids loved their fairy floss. The Christmas gifts were wonderful. Tom got a watch (which he loves!), Nick a racing car set (that Mia wishes she got!), Sarah a lovely writing set(in ger favourite purple colour) and Mia a musical instrument( a battery operated piano)! ~Cool hey! There was a petting zoo and a jumping castle, a walk climbing activity and lots of crafts to try out. A few bands played some cool songs and hubby and I chilled out watching the kids have a good time. Nicholas and hubby had a go at tug-o-war and won!
So on the whole, a great day was had. The train Ride home was made even more exciting with a bunch of kids having a blue on a station... notably intoxicated and glaze eyed..I was glad when the train driver closed the doors and left the station with the fight going on. You can't help dumb!


Andrew said...

Great day for the party. Sounds like a good location for something like that.

karisma said...

My kids used to love my dads work xmas parties. Unfortunately we don't have them as we are self employed. LOL

Looks like a great day was had by all! :-)

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, yes, I reckon it is a great location too, very relaxing and easy to get to as well. The kids were very tired, and we all slept well overnight. Hubby got in at 3am after working his 8hrs, he is still asleep :)

Karisma, we were the same until 4 3 years ago, self employed that is. It has been nice to have these parties to go to at the end of a hard year of work.
My work do not put on a family do, they have a free Christmas Lunch served to us from the cafeteria catering. Last year is was really yummy and it was nice to mix with all the staff, not just nursing staff. I speak to everyone at work, it is unreal how many people I know just from saying G'day to them. :)

Jayne said...

What a lovely Xmess do, Cazzie, so much nicer when employers cater for children and then everyone has a good time :)

Mom said...

Looks like a lovely party.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

very very very cool. good on you guys :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Jayne, yeah, it was a nice day and we chatted about it last night, the kids and I... I reckon it was fun for us all to remember :)

Mom, it sure was and you know... I am loving it when we all spend the day together :)

Mal, thanks matey :)