Saturday, June 23, 2007


Tomorrow there will be a big haaa-hooo celebration because it is the 150th anniversary of the official opening of the railway between Melbourne and the city of Geelong...Werribee Station included in that line. This took place on the 25th of June 1857. At 64 kilometres, it was the first long distance country railway line in Australia and equalled the combined length of all other railways in the country.
Heritage diesel and steam trains will also operate on the Geelong line on Sunday 24 June. There will be Displays held at Geelong, Lara, Little River, Werribee and Williamstown. Train nuts will be out in force this weekend!!!

During the week, I will visit our Memorial Hall where I can gather some more info on our city and take some pictures. Tonight I will get info from local oldies who were born in the first hospital for this area....and right where that was located is a McDonalds now. That is progress!!!


Beefcake Almighty said...

They should have a celebration of the Moped.

Not so much in Australia, but somewhere in the world.

Andrew said...

I would like to experience the celebrations, but those things are always so packed out and busy.

susan said...

How fun! Trains are just so timeless. Although I'm more likely to hide out with Andrew away from all those crowds.

gawilli said...

Local oldies have the best info. Good luck with that!

Cazzie!!! said...

Befcake, a moped, LOL Too funny

Andrew, yes, I thought there would be crowds galore but there were not, I wonder where everyone got to?

Susan, love trans, love the smell of the steam train too I do.

Gawilli, LOL, alas it is true..they do :)

homo escapeons said...

The word Train always conjures images of a monstrous iron giant clickety-clacketing through some once pristine vista while belching and spewing tons of poluting into the virgin atomosphere ((cough))

Trains here in Whateverpeg consistently stall morning and drive home traffic for 25 minutes of more. It is so mindnumbingly 17th Century and yet here we are still having to deal with f*cking Trains!!!

Here in Canada, derailments that spill toxic dangerous materials into some nearby Lake or Stream happen with shocking regularity. Why is it ALWAYS the Trains carrying such hazardous material that run off the track? WHY?

Perhaps my displeasure for Trains stems from the fact that I lived in a Train Station when I was a kid. When I am Prime Minister I will dismantle the entire rail system and we shall never speak again of Trains, atleast in the polite upper echelons of society where I shall be firmly ensconced. Hrrumph.

Middle Child said...

You and your family are really a good way I mean. Too many parents just aren't interested in anything outside...such as history etc. Your kids will have some amazing memories because of your present attitude with events such as these.

Anonymous said...

good luck! hahaha should be alright i agree, shouldnt be so much in aust. but somewhere. i read some more at anyway cya later