Friday, June 22, 2007


Friday's history post has to be postponed. Mia is crook with a stomach flu at the moment (darnded germ factory those Kindergartens!). She has lovingly shared it with me, wven thought YES, I am a nurse, and YES I have been using disinfectant and all barrier nursing capabilities....did I say that??? Anyhow...
Last night, about 2 minutes before the curtains opened for the School Performance, Mia had a technicolour yawn all on the gymnasium floor. I left and went to the chemist, then on to home with Mia. Hubby stayed on and worked the camera.
Sarah, Tomas and Nicholas had a great time performing, and they sure did retain everything they were taught in their many, many rehearsals. Thumbs up all round.
Sarah was given a silver locket for her birthday, some nice clothes and a V-Tech Laptop which she loves... oh, an a My Little Pony book too, with a CD.
I will share the performances with you once it has completed downloaded to my photobucket...which is taking for-ev-errrrrr.
Sarah's class sang Happy Birthday to her and shared some home made cake, Vanilla with topping of marshmellow "Fluff" covered in rainbow sprinkles. Gotta go, be back later, time for us to nap right now before picking up the school kids...


Rebecca said...

I hope Sarah had a happy birthday. As for the technicolour yawn, well at least it made for a colourful show. Hopefully you get to see a video of the kids performing.

general_boy said...

On no Cazzie! :(

Hope sarah's b'day was nice, and you're feeling better soon. :)

captain corky said...

Feel better Cazzie!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the bug in your house. I dislike the stomach one the most.

Do you use XP & Outlook express b/c you can shrink the pics first and then send to photobucket. It's a lot quicker.

Now I'm 3 more hours behind you. Here in Sunny South California.:)

Bibi said...

Feel better soon Cazzie! I know it's hard to look after yourself when you're taking care of children.

susan said...

Oh no! I hope you and Mia feel better soon...and that nobody else gets it!

Happy bday to Sarah

Middle Child said...

How timely! : ) tee hee

Trundling Grunt said...

Oh bugger. Hope you all get well soon.

Mark said...

"I left and went to the chemist, then on to home with Mia. Hubby stayed on and worked the camera.
Sarah, Tomas and Nicholas had a great time performing"

Well, then, who cleaned up the puke???

Sorry - hope y'all get better quick!

Cazzie!!! said...

Rebecca, I hope they do have a dvd too.

GB she had a great tim and swang her hips soo with the music.

Corky, we are better now ty.

Farmwife, sunny CA, I wish I was there.

Bibi, ty.

Susan, Sarah had a great time, yes she sure did, and tomorrow she gets more gifts, so her bday goes on for a bit longer.

MC, my exact sentiments!!

TG, it just takes a little time and our tummies are better. Mia is fine now.

Mark, we both did. I did most of it, and then I had to get her out of the hall as she kept on going and she was choking on it. The teachers got us a mop and Hubby did the rest. :(

Eternally Curious said...

What a thoughtful daughter Mia is! Thinking to share with you!

I do seriously hope all (and everyone) is better now! Hope Sarah's birthday was good nonetheless.