Tuesday, June 19, 2007


BONDI and Mia.
Sarah got student of the week at school last week. I did not known this until Saturday morning as I had worked Friday evening and so missed her presenting it to me after school. "All ticks and no crosses, well done!" I said to her. She turns 6 this Thursday the 21st of June, 2 sleeps to go.!!

Whilst Mia has did not have the croup cough last night, she does have a very hoase voice, and one of those coughs that you just want to whack her back and make come loose....you know...like a stuck cough. She had a great day at Kindergarten today. They sang I'm A Little Tea Pot and got to dress up in costumes..I want to go back to kindergarten myself now, haha.

Nicholas is becoming very tired at the end of term, so is Tomas, they have all been practising relentlessly at school for their concert, which is on Sarah's Birthday night. Looking forward to the concert, of course I will take photos!
Over and out until Thursday night..


susan said...

Congrats to Sarah!

I'll be sure to check in for those photos of the concert. Does Sarah know that the whole school is singing just for her bday?? tee hee

Cazzie!!! said...

Susan, yes, Sarah thinks that the concert IS her party and half the school is invited!! Haha

captain corky said...

Very nice! I never got student of the week. The begged me to leave a couple of times, but that's about it. ;)

Anonymous said...

I know that cough well.

Why don't they tell us parents about our kids' awards. My eldest got one at the assembly back in Oct and.. no call so I could come. They do it once/mth. I was really upset about it.

School's out here for the summer next Wed... soon :)


G-Man said...

Jeez your school lasts a very long time in Aussi land...But Congratulations!!!!

Alicia said...

Busy week at your house!
Get a humidifier for your daughter's room... that may help with her cough.
Our doctor told us to run a SUPER hot shower and open a window and let the child breathe in the steamy air...

Hope that helps.

Queenie said...

Who's a clever girl then???, Well done.
Bound to do well, her birth day date is the same as my sons who is 25 next.
Which was the same day as Prince William, Princess Diana had the stars checked out and the 21st of June has some awesome stuff going off luck wise. Thats if you belive all that!!

poody said...

yeh, Sarah! Happy birthday too!

Mark said...

Oh shit, oh deer - Mia has antlers!!!

Happy birthday to Mia!


peppypilotgirl said...

Congratulations to Sarah and happy birthday too!

Keshi said...

Caz ur kids r very cute n very intelligent as well!


phishez_rule said...

I had the thought that Bondi was bigger.

Congrats to Sarah and best of luck to the boys for their concert.

Jay said...

Congrats to Sarah! Good job!

I was never student of the week, day, moth or year or anything. LOL

Lucy said...

You were busy week. "I want to go back to kindergarten myself."
""Me too!!""
I remenbered my parents was nice and young.

gawilli said...

This sounds like a very exciting week! I agree about kindergarten - things were much easier then!

rosemary said...

You are quite the multitasker....wife, mom, nurse, blogger, friend.

Cazzie!!! said...

Susan, we leave soon for the concert, Sarah has enjoyed her birthday so far.

Captain, haha, I bet your baby will get student of the week when he or she goes to school, you watch... the apple may not fall far from your babie's mum's tree (wink).

S, I did miss one certificate presentation last year, now I ask each teacher to let me know.

G-Man, thanks, and..our school year begins in January and ends in December here. Summer in December...this is our Winter now.

Alicia, yep, I agree, the humidifier is ace! I put eucalypt oil in it and it clears the sinuses aswell as makes the room smell great.

Queenie, it has been a great day so far, Sarah has enjoyed it and their concert is due to start in one hour!!

Poody, thanks

Mark, PMSL, it does look that way...would be a great Christmas card right?

Peppy, thanks

Keshi, huggs back to you

Phishez, yeah, I think he will be smaller than his mum and dad to look at him now, time will tell

Jay, thanks

Lucy, it is a nice memory

Gawilli, amen to that

Rosemary..speak for yourself (winks) you are all that too!!

general_boy said...


Bibi said...

Congrats to Sarah ... lovely photograph! Enjoy the concert.

Eternally Curious said...

Awwwwww - how adorable!