Monday, June 18, 2007


THIS happens this morning and your heart goes "clunk"..especially when it is a building away from where your husband is at. Makes you think, think about the people who were minding their own business going to work when the guy opened up with the gun. Here I was just driving the kids to school and I hear that on the radio.
It makes me think all the time at work when I look after people who were in a car accident, or fell out of a tram or just minding their own business when something happens to stuff their day up. More than their day, their whole life can be changed in a flash.
If I was working this morning I would surely have seen the victims of this attack, and the department would have been quite busy then, if not keeping the media out. Yep, the PR people will be out front with security it would be safe to say.

Tomorrow's life is too late. Live today.


Aidan said...

I ran late this morning everyone thought i was dead.

A polite way of saying i have a hero complex?

I still cant believe this is happening in our back yard, this is not the States, this is Australia, beer and friendship, not bullets and fear.. It is truly horrible people killed trying to do the right thing..

Sorry hard to word this well.

Glad your hubby is ok....

Cazzie!!! said...

Aidan, I understand exactly what you are is almost surreal.. he has called me twice to let me know he is ok.

Jay said...

That's terrible. I hadn't hear of this. I just don't understand these things. They're really scary though.

The Samstress said...

Glad you are all safe. It's so unfair to see someone's life taken for no reason, in cold blood.

surfercam said...

I was thinking the same thing this morning Caz, but I was thinking about those innocent people that died when that drag car, driven by an Aussie, hit them in the US.
They woke up that morning and were going to watch some drag cars, and next thing they end up dead. Sad.

Menchie said...

You never really know what's going to happen when you wake up in the morning. News like this makes you want to never get out of bed.

Keshi said...

I read it n guess who came to my mind instanly...u, Aidan n Stace. Im glad that none of u were anywhere close to this.

Its a sick world out there...yes.


LanternLight said...

I'm often walking past that intersection around that time of morning.

This morning I had to take the dawg to the vet.

Queenie said...

Not seen anything about this yet, I'm going to catch up on your news.

Queenie said...

Gosh, thats awful, lets hope they get him.
When I visited my friends out there, its one of the reasons I fell in love with the place everyone was so friendly.

G-Man said...

You can't live in fear,
But you can never be too careful. I went back to your previous 2 posts Cazzie....G-Man xoxox

captain corky said...

"Tomorrow's life is too late. Live today"

I like that a lot!

Anonymous said...

Read's like a "she ditched him and he wasn't happy about it" story. Unfortunately common in today's world.

Just glad your dh is safe.


Alicia said...

I grew up a few miles away from the Columbine sschool shooting, and it was mind numbing.
I had to go to work that night and we all functioned on auto-pilot because our minds were preoccupied with the day's events.

Glad your hubby is ok.
It makes you thankful that you're raising good children.

poody said...

yep, this is what happens when guns control is lax. I know that in your country it is more controlled than here but any time guns and tempers are involved the outcome is never good. My prayers go out to those people. I hope they catch the guy soon.

angela marie said...

I'm so glad those of you close are ok. :( This is never ok, but I sure am sad that you think the US is all 'bullets and fear'. Most of us feel the same way you all do, and have wonderful lives and don't live in fear of drive-bys. Unfortunately, the only stories that get out to the rest of the world are the bad ones.

susan said...

Oh goodness! How horrible. I'm so glad your sweetie is ok, that's just too close to home...

Mark said...

Back in 93 I watched our friend and neighbor Debbie Fogel leave for work one morning. It was the last time I ever saw her again.

It DOES give one pause.

Todd said...

Wow. That even made the news here!

Steph said...

This story chilled me to the bone.
A few years ago outside central station, a young Asian couple were arguing and the man was trying to drag the girl into a waiting cab.

I intervened and got a mouthful of Asian abuse,while the man and I played tug-o-war with the Asian girl. The fucking cab driver just took off.

Thankfully security came along and stepped in. But my point is, that could have been me. If that guy had a gun or a knife or whatever, it could have been me laying on a street dying.

Having been in an abusive relationship, I will ALWAYS step in when I see a man attacking a woman, no matter what, but this really made me stop and think that in a blink of an eye, going to help somebody else, you could end up dead.

So very sad for the family of the man killed.

Cazzie!!! said...

Jay, we don't understand because we have conscience I think.

Sam, I agree.

Surfercam, yeah, just minding their own business

Menchie, good point, what does make us get out of bed?

Keshi, huggs to you for thinking of us.

Lantern, other half was 100m away when theshots were fired, he was giving back a carpark card at the time. The was area was locked down between Williams St and Collins St and Fliners. Other had to be in court at the time, lucky to have gotten out.

Queenie, sad we have such bad news. Yes, we area friendly bunch down here in Melbourne. The shooter was part of a bikie gang and usually resides up in Tweed has been revealed.

G-Man, don't become complacent, that IS the key for sure.

CC, thx mate, I lekey that too.

FW2, yep, she was a stripper, alegdly, and he a bikie. Now, I know bikies, and they are not like this bloke, he is a bad bad egg, he just made life for himsef alot harder for what he did. People like our fellow blogger Glen, love to ride a motorbike, and don;t resort to this bad stuff..look, Galen does benefit rides and everything..that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Alicia, my mind goes to that at times, it is the reason why I lock my car at night before I leave the car park at work, etc.

Poody, me too, I hope they get him good. Yes, our gun control i very tight here in Oz, but, no matter what they do up top, there will always be access from other areas to people like this guy, unfortunate it is.

Angela, I sooo agree, I just wish alays had the good stoies to share.

Susan, thanks for the nice thoughts.

Mark, I read this and it is with great sadness too, so wrong.

Todd, bad news travels the World, sadly :(

Steph, my heart sank reading this, I heart you and I reckon my life would be boring without Muchado..

TidalGrrrl said...

It's really sad the amount of violence towards anyone in this world, let alone to good samaritans trying to save an abused woman.
I'm glad your hubby is okay.

gawilli said...

I like your words to live by, Cazzie. What an awful thing to happen, but sadly you are not alone.

Bibi said...

So sad ... I do not know what the world is coming to at times. Now doesn't that sound like a comment my grandmother would have made.

It's unbelievable that life is so cheap to so many.

Blessings to all. (BTW, the link's broken but I saw news blurb)

Middle Child said...

It is shocking. Something like this leaves you with a sense of gloom...some people are afraid that this murderer may get topped in quickly they forget what he did...

I had a cousin who drowned when she was 18/19. Two lifeguards lost their lives trying to save her...

Its this sort of unthinking sacrifice that some people do which makes us civilised...but not many would have been as brave as those 2 lifeguards, or those two men in Melbourne.

also in Australia it is unusual to sispect that someone would have a knife much less a gun on them.