Thursday, June 07, 2007


Map of Port Phillip

Image across the Heads.

Woooahhh people from Victoria......who know the pretty seaside town of Queenscliff....spelt without an "E" on the end when pertaining to the town, and with an "E" (Queenscliffe) when pertaining to the name of the borough including the area of Point Lonsdale. Would I lead you on the wrong side of the garden path in spelling a word wrong? Nah, neverrrr!
From the image above you can see that there are two adjacent cliffs, on one side it is Queenscliff, the other side it is Point Napean...7 km boat ride across and you are there or an around the Bay car drive of over 3.5 hours. In between these heads, it is known as "The Rip". In order to navigate large shipping vessels wanting to come in and dock to off load or load up containers to go to Cario Bay or to Port of Melbourne, Pilot Boats are sent out to assist through the heads. These waters are notoriously treacherous and the Pilot Boats can be viewed from the cliff tops. Especially exciting is to see a marvellous lady like the QE2 come on through. My father in law witnessed this first hand.

The town started off as a fishing village, but in the late 1800s Queenscliff became the fashionable holiday mecca for Melbourne's elite who travelled down the bay by paddlesteamer. Remarkably, the town has remained intact as a superb showpiece of Victorian heritage
All this interest precipitated a building boom in the 1880s. Today, Queenscliff continues to attract visitors from all points of the globe. They come to enjoy the beach, a picnic under the giant foreshore pines, the village charm or even a game of golf. A Music Festival also occurs on an annual basis and there is a market to go to during certain months of the year on the forshore.

The Maritime Museum is a place that is wonderful for kids and adults alike to explore. And for the railway enthusists, the Bellarine Peninsula Railway boats its very own steam train too. Fr those who love old Forts, there is also a Fortress at Queenscliff too. If you just like to browse and window shop or buy a treasured gift for someone, the town also boasts many quaint shops.
Queenscliffe Pier

Inside the shed on the pier

Outside Fortress Queenscliff

Bellarine Peninsula Station, Queenscliff Hotel Queenscliff

Main Shopping Centre Queesncliff.

Print this out as a town to visit when you want to go on a weekend drive or come over from abroad. Queenscliff will not dissapoint you, it is a town of living history :)


Andrew said...

It was doing my head in as to why a post from you last 4th of July was showing on my rss reader. Think I understand now. Research for the post. Stray is a word that did not catch on and I have never heard of it. Queenscliff is nice as is Queenscliffe. I learn something every day.

parisian cowboy said...

That second shot is really lovely.

Crabby said...

Great pics, Cazzie!

PS. The Cowpie Field got it's first review. LOL! It's titled.....Mmmmm Meat. Scared the pee out me soon as I saw the title.

come over and check it out. We didn't do great but we didn't suck too awful bad.

poody said...

sounds like a nice place to visit or live for that matter. Surely these people are in need of a visiting nurse!

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
I think the last time I was in Queenscliff was about 20 years ago. Once I get sprung from hospital duties, I think a day trip might be in order. I hope they have one of those "Ye Olde Lollies Shoppes" there.

Joe the Troll said...

Looks very nice! Having lived inland all my life, I'd love to check out a place like that. I also love seafood so much that living in the desert is almost a sin.

Keshi said...

Caz my next stop when Im in Mel will be it's a beautiful spot! It looks a bit like Manly bush-walking track....from the top the sea looks just like that. LOVELY!

Have a good one!

Jay said...

I definitely would love to go there. I love those seaside forts.

Pecos Blue said...

Looks good.

susan said...

What a beautiful place. I love your history lessons.

G-Man said...

Wonderful presentation of a beautiful place!
It sure makes me wanna go there....Only if YOU would be my tour guide!
Thanks sweetie..xoxoxox

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Would I be right in thinking this must be one of the oldest towns in Victoria?

It looks very sedate.

Dr. Deb said...

One of my dreams is to travel to New Zealand and Australia. I hope I can make that come true!!!!!

M said...

I love the sea. It's beautiful and calming.

general_boy said...

As you know I was on that very patch back in Feb, most pleasant it was too. I got a nice pic of a tanker crossing the rip ( taken standing next to the Point Lonny lighthouse )... now I need to see if I posted it on my blog! Can't remember...

phishez_rule said...

Finally, you put up a place I've actually been to! My great aunt has a beach house at Rye. So once when we went on holidays we caught the ferry over to Queesncliff. I got shat on my a seagull.

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, I agree, Queenscliffe is nicer.

Parisian Cowboy, thanks :)

Crabby, you crack me up girl!

Poody, nurses are always in need.

Cazzie!!! said...

Rebecca, a nice leisurely drive is a must on a cool winter's day.

Joe, yeah, I heart my seafood too mate. My cousins live mid Victoria, they love a trip to the beach too, nothing like it is there?

Keshi, meet you there one day for sure :)

Jay, I reckon you would love it there, great pics canbe taken and lots of memorabilia there too.

Pecos, ty man :)

Susan, I am glad you like the lessons, I enjoy posting them :)

G-man, I would take my friends on a great tour in my station wagon :) So long as you all love kids :)

Crushed, I would have to get back to you on that one. But, I believe you may be right. What I found is that the town of Quseenscliffe began building houses and dividing land for sale to people about 16 years after white man found and began to colonise Victoria.
It is a sedate town, nice to visit, Summer it is very busy with tourists. Best seen whe school hollidays are over.

Dr Deb, that would be wonderful, I would take you touring to some cool places, or you could just print off my lessons each Friday and use that as a guide :)

M, I so agree, no matter te weather, it is devine.

GB, I shall check it out on your blog tonight when the rug rats are in bed :)

Phishez, so did you buy a tatts ticket then? supposed to be good luck to be shat on by a bird, lol. I love the trip on the ferry, we take it often to kill an hour off a road trip to Rye when we go over there. It is an hour drive for us to go to Queenscliffe, then 10mins to get o Rye from the ferry.

Flat Coke and Flies said...

I hope you will be my tourguide if I ever get the pleasure of flying across the world to visit your continent!

Alicia said...

Absolutely breathtaking...

gawilli said...

Queenscliff looks beautiful. Thanks also for the post on Missy Higgins. I will keep an eye out for her.

Mark said...

"Ye Olde Lollies Shoppes"

If I was Rebecca I think I'd fancy a younger lolly myself. but chacun a son gout!

James Burnett said...

Great photographs! Every time I read one of your posts I want to visit Australia that much more. The maritime museum got me in this case. I grew up by the sea. And my dad was a sailor. I love maritime history. Very nice post.

paddy said...

Thanks for the tour. I would really love to visit as you know you are sock listening to say that, but that's a fact. I can picture QE2 slowly moving through, what a sight that must have been indeed.
It really looks a beautiful holiday town and well preserved.
Lovely Cazzie, as always a pleasure to visit your sight. May the force be with you.
Y;-) Paddy

willi said...

Queenscliff and Queenscliffe sound like fun places. Would love to take the trip someday.

Ms. Tuesday said...

Thanks for stoppping by Cazzie! Thought I would return the favor!

Your pics are gorgeous! Cant wit to travelDown Under some day!

rosemary said...

It has taken me three days to be able to access your blog...I think it may be my dial up and the load. Love the pics and travel always makes me happy when you visit...thoughtful coments and a chance to hear from my friend.

mjd said...

I always enjoy your history lessons. Even if I never get to Australia, you have given us quite a tour. Thank you, Cazzie.

captain corky said...

The water is so blue and beautiful looking. I want to visit Australia some day.

Bibi said...

... beautiful coastline ... another great tour, thank you!!