Thursday, July 06, 2006

4TH JULY 2006....

On the 4th July we went for a drive to Dromana and Rye..down the Peninsula coast here in Victoria. We had some really nice fresh fish and chips at the park in Sorrento and caught the car ferry over to Queenscliff. It was actually a nice warm kinda Winter's day so it turned out great for us to get some Vitamin D in the system. There was an awesome bronze sculpture on the ferry, you can see Mia giving them a kiss there.

QUESTION FROM A GIRL: Are you a STRAY? A STraight girl going for a gAY guy?
i find myself attracted to guys that turn out to be gay...once a really cute guy caught my attention on the he got off at the next subway stop, he turned around and gave his bf a kiss goodbye :S

MY ANSWER: Well then, I guess you do not have an in built "gay-dar" then do you? My friends who are gay males are just pure what-a-wastes...but at least they are happy and I am happy for them!!
Yet, I have never heard of the term STRAY..have you? Maybe I have been out at sea too long but I am not sure if this girl made it up or it is a known term....hmmm.


Jay said...

That looks like a fun trip.

Really cute pic of Mia kissing the bronze dolphin.

I've never heard the term STRAY in that way. That's a totally new one on me.

Huggies said...

What I don't understand about Gay blokes is that they like cock instead of pussy.

I guess that is me just being a hetro male.

Steph said...

I am ALWAYS attracted to gay men. Aint nothing hotter than two cute boys kissing. Phwwoarrrr!!!!!!!

treespotter said...

there're as many terms as there are weird things these days. I've just learned that there are non-practicing gay and virgin bi.


Cazzie!!! said...

Jay, yeah, it was a fun trip..MIa wanted one of them sculptures, LOL.

Huggies, exactly what my dad used to you my dad? Could it be I have found him? He did move somewhere near Brisbane with his new wife.

Steph, Poor Steph, maybe it is because you feel safe, or because they are what-a-wastes and just plain smell nice :)

Ace, yeah, it is true about weird and I both..just learned about the non-practising bi peoples :(

Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
Everything these days seems to have to have a label on it, so people can put it in a box and be happy knowing what it is.
Problem is, people who do the labelling, are often the ones who are also racist, bigots, and non accepting of others.
Who really cares if someone is a Stray, Gay, Straight, Bi, or any other kind of sexual preference. As long as it doesn't involve children, who really cares how someone gets their rocks off, as long as their rent is paid by Friday.

Mark said...

"Aint nothing hotter than two cute boys kissing. Phwwoarrrr!!!!!!!"

Um, actually, Steph, there is and it involves two women doing a lot more than just kissing.