Monday, June 11, 2007


I kept on forgetting to follow through with this meme, I have not participated many times in these meme things. It is not because I am a snob, I am not. I just usually answer a meme in that person's comment area. I usually have a few posts up my sleeve aswell as my Friday History Lessons. Anyhow, Rosemary tagged me back in May, so I am happy to oblige my friend :)
I have to list 7 of anything about myself that I choose. Does not seem fir does it? I mean, I choose, and who knows if I am fibbing..right? LOL Here goes.

1) My first ever tongue kiss was from by boyfriend in Primary School. He said to me, "Come onto the oval, meet me in the old concrete pipe, I have something for you". off we went. We had been boyfriend and girlfriend since Grade Prep. He kissed me and this wet, big slimy thing slobbered in my mouth...what!!!! Ewwwww, instant break up of relationship ensued...GROSS! I said, "What was that?" He said, "It was a French kiss, just like my cousin taught me" Arrrgghhh!

2) Once, I drove to work at the nursing home I had been employed at since age 15. It was a nice day and I had had my widows open in my car in the drive way prior to leaving. I got to work, went in, had handover and then a resident's husband comes over to me and says, "Carolyn, do you know you have cat in your car?" "Whaaatt!" Our seal point siamese cat Cindy had gotten in the car, fallen asleep and woke up in my work car park! I had to drive her home and then come back, much to the hysterics of my Director of Nursing at the time.

3) I think I am a good singer, I always have enjoyed singing. I used to practise into the end of an Impulse Deodorant can when I was younger. I have been to singing lessons a few years back, and I enjoyed that. The teacher was a lovely young girl who sings in a choir, as well as a blues band in her local area. We were taught a few Eagles songs, we harmonised well. I have sang once up front at karaoke at the Local. Coaxed by so called "friends", they reckon I did OK. I sang my favourite Rolling Stones classic, "Honky Tonk Woman". Who knows, they were tanked on alcohol at the time, so anything goes right?

4) I have always loved horses. I had a horse named "Mabel" when I was a kid. She was an old mare, dad got her for me when I was staying at my Aunt got a call to bring me home but to make me get under the dash of her car. When we got home, I looked up and there was my horse. The riding school lady Heather as there holding the reigns. She said, "This is your horse, her name is "Mabel". I used to ride her every single day and we would go for miles over the hills.

5) I won't ever forget the sorrow of the first death in my nursing career. My favourite resident at the Nursing Home. I mean, we all know the time will come, it is a matter of when. It was just so sad because she did not have any relatives, we were all she had. Anyhow, this is now nothing new to me as a registered nurse. I do feel privileged to be there when the time comes for the passing of a person. I always try to get a radio to put on next to them for when I cannot be there on my shift. I put it on an easy listening chanel. Once, I got to a patient with a radio and went to plug it in and she took her last breath. I plugged it in anyhow and had a chat to her. Hearing is the last sense to go. I said it was alright for her to leave now.

6) My favourite time of the year as a kid growing up in the country was when my dad and I would go mushrooming. We would put on our long boots, grab a bucket and a knife and go walking in the cow paddocks. The mushrooms were as big as a dinner plate..always yummy cooked with butter and served on toast. Another thing I loved, was looking for tadpoles after it had rained. We had alot of dips in the unmade the side. There, the water wuld sit and the tadpoles would come. Yabbying was also cool, going to the local dams in the nearby fields.

7) I know I don't Do Mornings, and you know I Don't Do Mornings..but no one knew it better than my Dad. He would wake me first of a morning before he went to work. Then, I would wake the rest of my siblings and get them all ready for school and for the bus which came at 7:30am. If we missed it, there was no other bus. The walk to the bus stop was about 1.5 km I guess. So, time was precious. Weekends were great, it meant no early mornings.
The thing is, my Dad would agree if he were here, I am not good at being woken up! He would come in as gentle as a lamb and tap my shoulder and sing, "Car-o-lynnn, time to wake u-upp". I would jump out of my skin every single time. It took years off dad's life I am sure!

That's it for me, I am done... if anyone wants to write the 7 things about them they can go ahead. I have heaps more I could have told stories about, but it was hard to know where to start. Oh, I have to write on more, sorry Rosemary, it has to be said..... Ohh the guilt, LOL

8) When I was in Primary School, I wanted to go to the disco that was being held. Mum gave me the money to pay for it but the office said it was all sold out. So, my friend at the time said we could make a ticket and make it look just like hers and then I could go.
Friday came and I went to her place just next to the school to get ready and to go back. We entered easy enough, had a great time.
Come Monday, the office called us both in, we were 9 years old at the time. They asked why we had forged the ticket. We explained why. They said they knew it was forged only because of the number we had allocated on the ticket. We had put number 99, there were only 60 tickets issued!!! Damned, hahhaa. We had to write letters of apology to the Parents and Friends Committee. I never did anything of the kind ever again. Hey, It was not my idea!!

Your turn people :)


captain corky said...

I was pretty old the first time I kissed a girl with my tounge. 18 actually. I know that's pretty old, but I made up for lost time. ;)

general_boy said...

you have a seal point siamese too? hehe, don't they just love the car ( but how do the know when the car is headed to the vet's ?? )!!!

Jules said...

1) After I lost my virginity to somebody in Year 13 when I was in Year 10, I went up to said cool Year 13 dude in the middle of the quad and asked him "do you have any STD's because the lady at Family Planning asked me to ask you?". Oh my god, fall into the ground and die you stupid fool!!

2)I loved my first car (pale yellow mazda 323 - old as) even if the starter motor went in it pretty soon after I bought it and it sat outside a mates flat for about 4 months out of the 6 I owned it!!

3) I was completely stunned when I gave birth to my first child, not due to the pain but due to the fact that this flipping baby had just popped out of me and I was friggin responsible for it.

4) I love horses and have since I was three years old. My aunty taught me to ride and I was in awe of her for many years. I spent many a happy weekend at her farm riding and being taught the ins and outs of being a good and fair horsewoman. She was the coolest person I have ever known. She died a horrible death from bone cancer at age 53 five years ago this September. I hate cancer.

5) I also remember the first person who died at the rest home I worked at. His name was Les. He never had any visitors, he was a darling old man. The saddest thing about it was the fact that he had lived a happy life in England but when he became ill his son sold up all of his assets and shipped him to Christchurch, NZ away from all his friends and extended family. He stuck him in a rest home and never visited him. To make it even worse, he was a doctor and had a couple of patients in the home and would walk straight past his Dad's room to see other patients but not even glance into see Les. I hope that man dies a very slow and lonely death himself one day.

6) I have a half sister who is in her mid - late thirties who I met once just before I gave birth to my first child. She was adopted out when Mum was 16 as Mum had been raped and it wasn't right for good catholic girls to either have abortions or keep babies. She lives in the North Island with five children, a husband who beats her and she was a heroine addict for over 10 years until she got pregnant with her second. She has also been a prostitute at times. I have a funny love for her but she is a very devious lady. I never speak nor see her. Her husband phoned me once and cursed my ovaries. If only it had worked, I have had 3 unplanned kids since then.

7) I am a morning person, an any time person. I love rum and coke, I love a good sav blanc and a good pinot noir esp with food. I love my children and animals and I am going to learn how to sew and design fabulous wedding dresses.

Cazzie!!! said...

Captain, it is good you made up for lost time, I bet you smooch like no other :)

GB, We HAD a siamese, we miss her. My nanna, God bless her soul, let her out and she got hit by a car. The driver of the vehicle then sued us for damage to his car. Which, of course, was not caused by our little tiny weeny cat..and yet we had to pay, from our house insurance. Life is weird. That man, to this day, drives the car and has not had it fixed. Wonder how many other people he has sued for NOT damaging his car?

Jules, I loved every single candid point you made. You are so open and honest, I could hugg you if we lived closer than over the chanel. Oh, and I have some NZ Rum here if ya ever come visit, CORUBA it is. Your wedding looms closer..NO?

Trundling Grunt said...

On point 2 - nothing like having your widows open is there?

what's yabbying?

Cazzie!!! said...

Trundling Grubt. Yabbies are an Australian freshwater crayfish and live in rivers streams and dams. Nice when boiled up and served with veggies.
See about them when ya click on the link.

Aidan said...

I didnt get a chance to post a comment on your last post, but i also love queenscliff.. I used to love the ferry ride and watching the dolphins in the bow waves:) The historical railway is pretty cool, not to mention Swan *shhhh* Island and the ASIO training base:)

I am sure international law forbids me from singing, after a very drunken karaoke season.

Sorry not a fan of list meme, was good reading your's though.

ChickyBabe said...

Hmm... I didn't like my first kiss either. I kept thinking "is that it?". Yep. It was. Ever so glad things got better!

susan said...

My first french kiss was full of corn chips...ICK! I still can't stand them to this day. Oh yeah...I got rid of that guys pretty quick after that too.

I love that you have such respect and caring for the dying...

Queenie said...

Like you I'm not fond of memes, but I enjoyed this.
I started my singing career with a candlestick, I have now move to the dizzy heights of the hairbrush. Lovely post, thanks for popping over to mine..

M said...

ahhh 'meet me at the old concrete pipe'. Boys are soooo romantic ;)

Dr. Deb said...

I like reading tags. Helps me to learn about a new blogpal.

Joe the Troll said...

If you're ever helping me pass quietly into eternity, please don't use easy listening. It will only hasten my demise. :-)

Jay said...

I practically got mugged on my first French kiss. She just grabbed me and did it. Shocked the heck out of me. LOL

coffespaz said...

Thanks for popping by. Funny, I really don't do mornings either. You'd think they would get easier the older you get....

Loved your tidbits - especially #1. Isn't it weird that the first kiss is usually gross? :-)

Cazzie!!! said...

Aidan, LOL, I love the top secret Shhhh for Swann Island...yes, the dolphins are great when we ride the ferry, the kids love seeing them, as I do too.
I know, I do not really do memes, but I had to give this a go, Rosemary isso lovely, I didn;t want to dissapoint my new friend :)

Chickybabe, I am so glad it got better too..the kissing :)

Susan, corn chips, LOL, with salsa dip I hope, hahaha..too funny, and icky too.

Queenie, a hairbrush...well, that IS progress, LOL. Think I might try my hairstraightener then..hang on, I haven't got one of those :)

M, yes, boys and men, no distinguishing hy, LOL.

Dr Deb, yes, I guess it is a good thing... I will partake in such things again should I be tagged. I think it is fun looking at my life and poniting out things that have happened. Reflection of mySELF.

Joe, no worries, I will just sing into my Impulse Can then, LOL. It is generally fotr the elderly people I play the easy music for them. Not many young people are on their own, withiout family or friends, when their time comes.
The one I was with, she was my age, long ago this was, I just sat and held her hand. Her mum arrived too late. She was markedly disturbed by this, and wanted me to jump on nd resusctate her daughter right then a there. I wished I could hve done so, but I could not. I said I wished I could, I wish I had such powers. It stays with me forever.

Jay, you crack me up hon. I wonder if it was a dare thing. You know, "I dare you to run up and pash with Jay by the time the school bell rings" LOL

Coffeespaz, thanks for visiting. Yeah, I have to have a coffee frst thing to wake up. Not today though, I cannot even swallow my own spit for my throat is so swollen and sore...cries....I need coffee. Maybe I can put an IV in my arm and infuse it that way? NAh, better not, LOL.

Keshi said...

aww wut a cute post Caz! Nice to know more of ur younger days...LOL @99!

And u tongue-kissed that early? whoaaa Caz!

u wudnt believe it I just published a post on some of the 'incidents' from my childhood :):)


justacoolcat said...

I had a blue point siamese. I love siamese cats.

gawilli said...

Well I googled Yabbying before I read the comments...I always learn something from you.

phishez_rule said...

His cousin taught him to french kiss?

I always loved tadpoling as a kid. We used to have a pond at the back filled with bullfrogs (I think, I was very young)

Redneck. Diva. said...

I had my first French kiss when I was 14 and I remember thinking "THIS is what everyone's so excited about!" I swear to you he was looking for my tonsils...and I don't even have any.

Ahhh...Hillbilly Mom's imaginary friend is actually an Australian HORSE!! I KNEW there was something funny about her friend Mabel...

Reiki 4 Life said...

blogger deleted the bogus blog...

thanks cazzie.

eric313 said...

The evidence is in: Kissing leads to more babies.

My first kiss was as a thirteen year old with a fourteen year old girl who lived down the street from me. Luckily, it didn't lead to babies. Heck, I went a year before I kissed someone again. I was floored by her tongue the whole time, I think.

Steph said...

That was a great post! LMAO @ your first real kiss.
I thought exactly the same thing. I thought he'd put a fat slug in my mouth and I nearly vomited!

Cazzie!!! said...

Keshi, lol, I didnt tonguw kiss, he did!! Yukk.

Justacoolcat, lovely kitty cat, saw some of them at a sgow once, our cat had a lilac point kitten from her second litter.

Gawilli, thats great. Yabbying is fun. USe any old left over meat, tie it on a bit of string, wait for the string to move, tugged at, by the yabbie and hoist the line out really fast!! Squeel with delight.

Phishez, LOL, yep, you are right on there sister!! Also, yes, they were bullfrogs here too I believe.

Diva, PMSL, I know it, Mabel must be lovely, and my horse was named this, but I never named her, she was already named..and so I never changed it.

Reiki, no worries, am still visiting, you are still in my thoughts.

Eric, that is a hoot of an old wives tale and I am laughing at your "I think"added to the end of your comment..she musthave been "THE ONE".

Steph, that is SOOO correct that liking to a slug, ewwww, right on girl!!

parisian cowboy said...

:) An enjoyable post to read !

homo escapeons said...

Wow great expose on Cazzmania.
You are such a sweetie.
I got all choked up when I read your hearing is the last thing to go paragraph.
Most people never see anyone actually die. Think about that.

I can't wait to try 'French' kissing, I hear that it's cool.

I have developed a huge theory on young girls and horses. Hold on now, it isn't all about the discovering the frictional pleasures of the saddle's horn it is based on psychological evidence that it is a trial run for having a romantic relationship.

The horse becomes a symbollic figure for learning how to control a man...taming a powerful, unpredictable, creature.
Those huge, brown eyes may look sympathetic but they are always scheming. Shifty buggers.

Princess Banter said...

I don't do mornings either -- and the rest of my family knows. I apparently look like death whenever anyone forces me out of bed :P I thought it was sweet when you had your first spongy kiss ;)

mjd said...

You are a kind caring person, a wonderful attribute of a nurse. I am wondering how old are Australian children in Primary School. Here in the USA; I believe that primary children are 5 to maybe 8 years old. Now, I confess to kissing Kenny Hobson in the reading circle in 1st grade, but there was no Frenching.

jillie said...

Oh what great stories! LOL about the cat in the car.

I so remember my first french kiss...I thought it was the grossest thing there was. And then to admit his cousin taught him?? LOL

Cazzie!!! said...

Parisian Cowboy, thanks.

Homo Esc, yes, you are right, to be in my position, I know it is a blessing, especially for the person who is my patient. I think about the fact that alot of the time, a nurse is there when a person is born, and so to we are there when they pass on.
The horse analogy..I agree. Such awesome beasts they are...oh, ad the horse too(wink)

Princess, death is right, I so look like that right now and it isonly 830am!!

MJD, thanks for the compliment :) Kids are 5 when they start school here. Mia will be 5 in March, which is just before the cut off of school starting age, March 30th..have to be 5 by then or go to kindergarten another year.
I began school when I was 4.

Jillie, LOL, I splained it wrong...his cousin was a boy, he lectured him on how t was done...maybe i is why it was such a frightening kiss, LOL.

Bibi said...

That was a fun read ... I'm with you on number 7. I'm not grumpy in the morning, but I defintely don't like being woken before I'm ready to wake! Ok, I'm a little grumpy ... sometimes. ;-0