Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Donut and the King....

Today I took Mia to the shops for a short time to buy some bathers for Sarah that were on special. As their school goes swimming mid year which is our Winter time here and at that time there are no bathers to be seen anywhere in shops. Mia asks for Donut King. She got a dirty big T-Rex Dinosaur Donut from there and she ate the lot!!! I just don't buy my kids much junk food so that was a treat for her. As she was eating it she asked the usual death and dying questions...

"Muuum, why did Crikey die?"..."He was swimming above a sting ray and he got it's stinger called a barb into his heart"..."Yeah, duh, I know mum...but why did he die?"..."Because his heart stopped pumping"..."Well, is he in your hostable (hospital) ?".."No, he is in the ground"..."Oh, I wanted to save him for Bindi..I like Bindi...maybe we can get her a new Steve Irwin for a dad".

Next stop was the toilet, whilst I was changing her into her new rainbow colored dress we just brought her, she asks, "Why did Elvis die mummy?"..."Because he took drugs Mia"..."Well, he should have taken one drug not five then"...."No Mia, one drug can kill you..drugs kill you"...."Oh, well he was silly mum".

By the by, my other half answered the door tonight and paid $10 for me to go to the local gymnasium for a whole month's trial. That along with my 30 minute workouts every other day should do the trick. Ain't love grand??


Whitesnake said...

Outta the mouths of babes.

$10........I could give ya a quick workout...........alas it only lasts 20 secs..........sigh

Lucy said...

When I read your post about Crikey last year, I didn't know him. I checked japnease yahoo news. But I couldn't his news. He was not famous in Japan. But We knew him accidentally when we watched television. And we understood he was great person. Your information was very nice for us. Thank you.

Jay said...

It's always tough trying to explain the concept of death to a little kid. Sounds like she was pretty accepting of your explanations.

Reiki 4 Life said...

I've been reading backwards; trying to catch up...did u blog about being sick? sorry to hear. yes, illness, having children can all put the lbs. on. After a terrible accident injury and the depression that followed from the pain, etc., I gained 70 lbs...(not sure how many kilos that is, but that's about as much as a 12 year old child weighs. Anyway, several years later, I was able to Lose It All...every freakin' pound...one pound at a time. Just by doin' what UR doin' eating healthy, keeping active & having an attitude of Health...not even focusing on losing weight, just getting and feeling healthy. good luck, ;)

Steven Novak said...

Dinosaur donut!?!

Holy crap...

I want one of those!


Reiki 4 Life said...

cazzie, I just read your July 19th entry where you wrote about your surgery gone wrong and now know why I 'happened' upon your blog. I have a very similar story, different ailment/surgery but still the same, near death, horrible dehumanizing medical procedures and LONG painful recovery...yikes. I am amazed and inspired by your wonderful sunny attitude. It will serve you well. much love darlin'

Anonymous said...

I can barely lift one foot in front of the other today... DH thought he'd share his stomach bug with me and the little one... Love is not grand at the moment :) :)

Love the answers. I tend to tell my eldest the truth whenever I can, somethings he just doesn't understand but I don't believe in lying to him.

Good luck on the exercise. Managed an hour outside yesterday.. just not getting as much as I'd like to.


Aidan said...

Paying ten dollars for a gym membership, possible double bladed gift, you should do the girl thing

"are you saying i NEED a gym?"

Thats sweet about the steve irwin line, to get someone a new dad... very very sweet... Hope fully covered in DK dinosaur crumbs when said for the full effect.

Keshi said...

Ur man is great :)

**Well, is he in your hostable (hospital) ?".."

LOL so cute!

Dun kids ask the most clever and sensitive Qns. I love that innocence.


gawilli said...

It's been a long time since I had the death and dying questions. Nice job, mom. Straight up and honest is definitely the way to go.

$10.00 for a month sounds like a great deal! Good luck with that!

Cazzie!!! said...

Whitesnake, I almost said that very phrase in this post, you readin'my mind mate?? LOL at the 20seconds mate, gotta relax a little me thinks (winks).

Lucy, I am glad my blog lead you to learn of this great man who was so passionate about wildlife and conservation.

Jay, yes for sure, but I guess as I am a nurse and we speak openly about experiences, including the process of birth and death, which may be one in the same thing to most people, my kids seem to be accustomed to it.
When my grandma died they saw me upset at times, then they saw me happy and rejoicing her life too. When their dad's Grandma died, we didn't cry, because we had spoken just days before to her, with the kids, and they said their goodbye's to her then. They knew she was in a better place.
When my best friend Frances from Carmel CA passed on in May of 05, they learned that young people die too. It is just part of life. We were sad, but we were happy we knew her, and we remember her every day :)

M, yes indeed, I am so glad to hear of someone else not focusing on the weight and just on the feeling healthy bit. It sure does make a difference. Though, I must say, I was a little depressed last night after watching the Ultimate Makeover Show..something like that. There was a girl bigger than me there and she looked great after they got to her for a month or so. Now, I realise that it is not the ideal way to get healthy at all, but it would be nice to quicken the process up a little. Then again, contemplation.... it took ages to put weight on, it will take some time to take it off. Health is most important, not what the scales read :)

Steven, yah, you too can have one of these if you come visit, we can take you down to DK with the 4 kids..sugar hit...alriiight!!!! LOL

MEREDITH!!!! Oh yes, we sure found something else in common, I knew it from the second I saw your picture we were somehow connected..and lovers of fine headbands and the such :) Did you loose your hair too like I did 4 months later??

BRB to post more replies, have gotta shoot through and get my MIA from Kinder peoples...

Cazzie!!! said...

Farmwifetwo, oh no, a tummy bug is just NOT fun at all, stay hydrated and well rested ok, hope you feel better soon. Glad u got some exercise too, well done :)

Aidan, lol at the girlie thing to say..hehe. Matter of fact, she WAS covered in dinosaur crumbs and pink icing to boot when it was said. MAn, I have a long way to becoming a descriptive novel writer don't I. (winks).

Keshi, yeah, they can be sensitive at times, and say swear words at the most invonvenient of times..in context too!!! LOL

Willi, yes, str8 is the game I play with them, no beating around the bush from is here :) Glad you called through Willi, hope you are well :)

Homo Escapeons said...

It would appear that Bindi is going to be an even bigger star than Steve..isn't that amazing.

I'm glad that you didn't go into the whole Elvis died of a broken heart because he always loved Ann Margartet and spent the rest of his life trying to get away from the Colonel...
Colonel Parker not Colonel Sanders...
Elvis obviously didn't miss too many opportunities to eat some deep fried chicken at KFC.
I'll bet that his cholesterol was hovering around 450.

Sarah is one smart cookie
...you'd better stay on your toes!