Thursday, February 22, 2007

I can be an artist if I wanna be....

This is a clock I made in woodwork class in year 11 at High School. The hands are missing..MIA..where are they??? LOL
Well, this is our bar, we arew slowly adding to it each week. Come by for some poison, if you dare??
This is some art I created when I was doing my HSC, for those of you abroad, HSC is Higher School Certificate, or final year at Secondary School.
This is my favourite piece yet. It adorns the most viewed wall of the house wherever we have lived. It is oil on canvas. I made the wooden frame, stretched and prepared the canvas, and did my thing with oil paints.

The theme began with my preparing a collage of different pictures of sailing boats. Then I sketched them out in grey lead. Then I colored a piece with some of my finest Derwent Watercolors. Finally, I created this oil on canvas.

When I was at University, I submitted this piece in an exhibition. There was a competition whereby the most voted piece went on front of the following year's University Diary. I did not win. I love it anyhow :)
If you want to see some real art though, go visit this blog, Jim Thalassoudis has some truly inspiring works. I will have to go visit the Charles Nodrum Gallery to see it in the flesh :)


Whitesnake said...

I love art........ok where ya live?
Next time I am over I'll visit that thing ya call the bar and sample a wee few.

Vic you are and sth i be sure ta be sure friends we'll be.

No I ain't irish..just thought tis was a nice touch!

mjd said...

Cool Cazzie...nice art

rn_buffoon said...

Hi Cazzie

Kudos to you for not drinking the bar before you have established it!

Popped past from Comic Mummy's blogsite- and thought I'd say hi...

The Painted Sky said...

Hi Cazzie,

Thanks for the kind words and the shout out.

PS If you do go into Charles's Gallery, wait a few weeks, I'm desperately trying to get him 3 new paintings by the first week of March.

Jay said...

You are really very talented Cazzie! That is amazing stuff. I think we need to see more of this.

Oh, and while you slowly ADD to your bar each week, I quickly SUBRRACT from my bar. LOL

Reiki 4 Life said...

oh, what beautiful paintings. So glad you have them in a prominent spot!

And no, fortunately I did not lose my hair through my ordeal...but lost enough to not wish one bit of it happen to my worst enemy!

Melly` said...

I like the inclusion of the bar photo - the implication that art and booze go hand in hand!?!

I love the choice of bold colours and shapes - everyone should have a little of their own artwork in their homes!

surfercam said...

I'm always taking away from my bar, never adding to it...
Love that second painting.

andrea said...

Yes you can! Thanks for visiting --and come back for artistic encouragement any time. I took a 15 year break from painting when I had kids and had to earn money and I did it -- so can you!

Cazzie!!! said...

Whitesnake, lol, I like ur sense of 'umour mate!!!

MJD, why ty, how are you ?

RN Buffoon, yeah, we just don't drink much at all, more your one pot screamer here in this house.

JIM, thanks for visiting, I will make sure I go to the gallery one Thursday, it is my one kid free day a week really.

Jay, when I get my folio out I will do a cover of the works I have created, for your eyes only :)

Meredith, ty for the praise, and I am glad you didn't loose your hair, I must say, it has all grown back for me.

Melly, lol, I was in High School when I created these works, and all I was kickin'back with was Fanta and red licorice, yeee haa :)

Surfercam, yes that is my favourite piece too.

Andrea, you have just inspired me to go on and paint :) Thanks so much.

poody said...

I love your artwork!