Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sorry..gotta go...

Well, we all know that when you are about to sit down and have a meal or begin to take a bath or begin to do anything relaxing the phone always rings!!! Right?

For some funny ideas on what to do or say, go visit Sorry Gotta Go. Com, it is a laugh. My dad used to answer the phone when I was a kid and say, "City morgue, spare parts"....or my brother and I would start with the tune, "Hey, how ya doin' sorry ya can't get through, why dontcha leave your name and your number and well get back to you..( check it out)". Yep, regular funnies at the funny farm...oh yeah...that was another one, "Hello, you've reached the funny farm.."LOL.

My mum, when we were in high school in the 80's, went back to work to help the house out as there were hard times money wise back then with interest rates sky high and wages not matching up..hang on, that could be said of now..anyhow....she tried, for 2 days, to be a telephone operator for Telecom...ahh, old Telecom, now chopped up and sold into little bits. She didn't last past the 2nd day because of the abuse she got from the other end of the line. She wasn't calling people to sell them anything, she was surveying what the customer thought of their service..that was it.

The times it makes me mad is when the person at the other end of the line doesn't take no not interested as an answer. I am nice to them and they obviously need to make a sale. I used to find it hard to say no to a call, but now , I have things to do you know...got 4 kids to deal with here people!!!

So, what kind of things have you ever said when you answer the phone and it is someone you didn't want to, or didn't have the time to speak with?


Rebecca said...

My mobile phone message use to be: "Thanks for calling Rebecca. For your chance to win a call back, or any of the other great prizes on offer, just press 1 and wait to leave your details. Calls charged at 55cents per minute, higher rates from mobiles and payphones."

Not many people left their details, they all thought they had called a competition line by mistake.

Whitesnake said...

Normally I'll like to ask if they like sexy underwear. Do they have a name and address so I can pop around for dinner.

But the best one is pretending to be a police officer investigating the murder of who they are calling and start to make the caller feel like they are a suspect.

Somewhere in my files I have the original version........

captain corky said...

I knew this kid in jr high school named Danny that used to call me at least 6 times a night. Finally when I couldn't take it anymore I would put my father on the phone to scare the life out of him.

Mark said...

Fuck off and die ususally works for me.

Anonymous said...

I admit I cut people off and say "not interested" and hang up.

The dh is better with the comments. He even comes up with little songs for the boys that rhyme and make perfect sense.


Reiki 4 Life said...

well, since I used to work in telemarketing (=young + desperate for $$) I do try to be cordial to callers. However, my brother gave me this CD by Jim Florentine (forget what it's called but he's a comic) and it is raunchy, but hilarious & he recorded all these crazy telemarketing calls he's gotten & the excuses he'd give, like he was constipated, or he just got bad news & would start crying on the phone. It is beyond dirty, but funny...(don't listen with kids in earshot.)

And thanks for stopping by my blog. I actually don't even recall how I ended up here! But The Power of Now book is wonderful. I think because it is so simple...just stay in the moment, you know?

Jay said...

I used to answer the phone "Jay's whorehouse, it's a business doing pleasure with you".

But, when telemarketers call I either tell them no thanks and hang up or I do like Whitesnake. If they're female I ask them what they're wearing and tell them they have a sexy voice and ask them out. LOL

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Sweet! Now if there was just a website to give us advice on how to get those telemarketers to stop calling altogether...

poody said...

Once when I had the bad credit I had a credit card company that kept calling me I finally said hey you guys should be more careful about who you give credit to. I mean if you had checked you would have seen I have bad credit!
Now I don't get those calls and man it is nice ot know. The calls from telemarketers I always say no thanks not interested and then hang up right away before letting them say anything else. There is a bar around here called He Ain't Here. So, when the phone rings they answer saying He ain't here! In my neighborhood we have a bizillion Jehovah Witnesses. they come to the door early Saturdays! Grr!!!

Aidan said...

I worked as a telemarketer for 2 whole weeks.... Best of the lot..

"look mate im sure its a great product but i am in the middle of sex with my girlfriend and i would like to get back to it."

SOunded a lot better than getting foxtel.

Reiki 4 Life said...

oh, and thanks for the link...I linked back
meredith (in my gypsy attire)

surfercam said...

"City Morgue - You kill 'em, we chill 'em".
"City Sperm Bank - You wank it, we bank it".

And the list goes on....

Keshi said...

hey Caz :)

**City morgue, spare parts

LOL my colleague says that to some ppl on the fone.

U know I HATE tele-marketers with a vengeance. Once this bloody tele-marketer from India didnt let me off the hook so I got so pissed off...she asks me why I dun wanna reduce my fone bills by switchin to their company..I said to her "its cos I like to pay expensive bills...now wud u let me go?" and I hung up.

check my blog :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Rebecca, wonder what they thought they would win if they did call back.

Whitesnake, you are a cracker mate, love it!!!

Corky, always entrust in your dad :)

Mark, don't beat around the bush now ok, lol.

Farmwifetwo, yes, my other half is faster with words than I am too, and I just say not hanks and hang up now too.

Meredith, I am so glad you did find me, and I am going to check on you all the time now, too bad, lol. Your pic is just so lovely and natural, you glow!!! I see postitive energy around you, yep, I see lots of electric spots wherever I go too.
The Power of Now is awesome, I just love it, just BE :)

Jay, you go boy, lol.

QOD, yes, would be helpful wouldn't it hon?

Poody, that is way too bad, we used to have the Joho's visit our estate, and we all would call each other to say don't open the door when they got onto the property. Thing is, you just never knew when their random visits would be :(

Aidan, I love that line!!!

Surfercam, you sound as quick off the mark as my hubby with responses.

Keshi, I gotta love ya girl :)

Stace said...

Ask for their home phone number and a convenient time to call them back. Alternatively try to sell them your own (real or imagined) product: "I'm glad you called, I wonder if you'd be interested in an automatic cactus re-potting machine?"

Middle Child said...

One day a caller rang my hsband and he was in aqueer mood ... uh...oh!

He started having a conversation with the caller about his childhood and how he caught a bus from the Snowy to the Gold Coast every year to go and see his grandmother...silly caller expressed an "interest" well not to be out done Don told her his life's story blow by blow and she was begging to get off but every time she tried to cut contact he's come up with another "event" until he started to mention that maybe they might actually meeet up one day...GONE! SLam Phone down and no doubt our number off that list of sales people based in Bombay.

mjd said...

If I know the person on the other end of the phone, I will converse briefly and then excuse myself. However, if the caller is a telemarketer, then I tell the caller that we do not buy anything or make donations over the phone. As both of our sons did the telemarketing gig for a short time to help pay for college expenses, I do feel compassion for the person trying to make a sale or collect donations. But the shorter my call, the faster they can call another client er...victim.

peppypilotgirl said...

I finally gave up trying to get people off the phone -- I just bought a longer phone cord so that I could get to the bathroom without hanging up.

We're on the Do Not Call list (I think that's just a US thing though) and that cuts down on the telemarketers so what we get now are mostly charity-related calls. Those I'm pretty good at saying that we don't make donations over the phone they'll have to send us something in the mail.