Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My 10yr old was bullied at school whilst happily playing with her friends. The bully spat on her and called her names. The bully spat on me and called me names too outside of the school after the bell had gone to end the school day. I took my daughter to the police station where I reported the assault, as the bully is over the age of 10yrs and can be charged. We spoke, the police officer and I. We discussed not charging the bully, instead, giving him a right going through and dressing down. The police contacted the father, and the father took his bully son to the station.. promptly.
The officer called me later on to let me know the bully, whilst totally denying all the spittle and cruel words that had been said, had broken down in tears. He (the police officer) did not mention my name nor my daughter's name, and the bully did not divulge our names either. The officer stated that he himself was no village idiot, and the fact the boy could not make eye contact with him when speaking spoke volumes. The bully was told that the very next time he is a bully, that he will go before a judge, and he will be stepping closer to a jail cell.
My poor daughter fell asleep at 5:30pm and did not wake until this morning at 6:30am. Although she felt empowered by the wonderful words from the Police Officer, she had a headache from crying at school and after school. She slept the headache away.
Today she had a wonderful day with her friends at school. The bully spent all day long sitting on his own, even during recess and lunch time. My daughter's teacher is so lovely and everyone is looking out for her.
Right when all four kids are doing so well in their own circles of friends, in their own projects and developing nicely at school this had to happen. Encouraging my kids and their friends to look after each other is paramount.
Sept 15th, incidentally, is R U OK Day.
This is a wonderful initiative that ought to be embraced World Wide. That simple question Are You OK? Does not cost a cent and may open up the flood gates for you to truly listen to what other people have to say. It may save a life!


Betty said...

I'm sorry she was bullied. But, I'm glad to know that the authorities take it seriously. I'm not so sure about the school administrations and police in this country, unfortunately. We have a long way to go.

Andrew said...

Bullying used to be ignored by those in authority. I am pleased you didn't and it seems like a good outcome.

karisma said...

Poor baby. Bullying is a terrible thing. What worries me the most is that in most cases I would not call it bullying as such as pre-formed bad habits and behaviours. The kids grow up "playing" in this manner and it is widely accepted by the adults that should be teaching them otherwise. If a kid is allowed to hit/kick/punch in play when he is a toddler then how is he supposed to know that it is wrong? Ahhh I could write a long rant on this one as I saw it so much in our local school. It has gotten far worse in the years since we left too. :-( Twould be nice if there were no bullies hey? But unfortunately most child bullies come from bully type parents. (most, not all) Sad sad sad. BIG HUGS For Sarah, XOXOXOX

Jayne said...

I'm so glad the police officer took this seriously and was able to put the fear of the law into the bully.
(((hugs))) to your girl.

Steve Finnell said...

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Ginnie said...

Even if it weren't R U OK Day I'd want to know the answer to that. How are you doing...are you back to your work schedule?
So glad that you nipped the bullying in the bud. It was/is a hard lesson for all concerned.

Cazzie!!! said...

Betty, the police were fabulous. I am pleased Sarah learnt that her Mum won't stand for bullying. And, also, learnt the right way to tackle things. It is sad, there is a bully in every bunch, I just hope that this one learns what is right.

Andrew, it sure did used to get ignored. It is so upsetting.

Karisma, I trust everything you say, because of your experience and because you too are a Mumma. It is just so stressful, no sleep and a sick tummy by myself aswell as Sarah, but, all is better now :)

Jayne, fear of the law worked :)

Ginnie, I will post an update in the morning... I just finished my first shift in about 6weeks this very evening :) I am much better now and improving daily. sorry I have not been around much xoxoxo

Middle Child said...

I was never bullied - It must be horrible and scary - you did exactly the right thing - a bloody good scare and hopefully his dad did the same.