Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nick is now 12 yrs old!

Our second born baby is now 12 yrs old. This is his final year at Primary School. he cannot wait until he gets to High School, so he can be involved in the High School band :) This morning Nick and Mia came in and woke us parents up. We got out this massive box and in it was the NERF Vulcan that he had wished for. i do not think he thought he would be getting it, not for one second. He also received a book and some money to put away. Nick took some chocolates to share with his class. I made a cake for him for tonight and decorated it with rainbow chocolate drops. Today has been a nice day for Nick. Happy Birthday Nick xoxo


FoxyMoron said...

Happy Birthay Nick! Wow it is amazing to watch our kids grow up in blogland.

Ginnie said...

Happy Birthday from the other side of the world, Nick. You've got a wonderful family and I love reading all about your doings!

Middle Child said...

What a great kid you have - unsure that I would have shared my chocolates