Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It seems to me that the healthiest people, the people with seemingly little relevant past history become afflicted with brain tumors.. and it sucks! People who seemingly do all the wrong things habits wise get off the hook. How does that happen? I don't know. Nursing lovely people who have not done a bad thing in their life, and then incidentally find they have a tumor... or more than one, is upsetting.
Anyway, besides that, life is good. Nick turns 12yrs old on Thursday and he is very excited. I am too. He is not far off starting High School. Gosh, time goes by so fast, I wish I had a remote control to pause things for a while.


Jayne said...

It runs away at times and it's a blink and miss it moment!

Middle Child said...

Dr Charlie Teo a neurologist from RPA in Sydney puts a lot of the increase on the use of mobile phones - He cops shit from other docs who toe the AMA line - he has read my book and rang me - it was the most enlightening call I have ever had from a medically educated person - he accepted easily what i claimed about Don - then went on with the issue of brain tumors especially in the young -
Its not just the phones but we have so many ELF rays around us these days - part of the modern way - our heads are coppong more of this than ever before and once the blood brain barrier is broken - !!!