Monday, May 16, 2011

Speech Therapy

I just finished watching The King's Speech alongside my beautiful husband. I had wanted to view this film for some time. Colin Firth is one man that I have admired for quite some time. He is a wonderful actor, easy on the eye and just a pleasure to watch on screen. Geoffrey Rush is wonderful too, there is no BS about his acting in any medium that I have viewed him either.
The film takes the viewer through a time in history that is well documented, yet this story is such a personal one in regards to the royal family and I think it just shows that the Royals, too, are just human.
As you are all aware, I am a registered nurse. I work alongside Speech Therapists many a shift. Their work can go unrecognised, which is easy because their work is done behind closed doors. At my children's school the Speech Therapists work with individual students too. Not just because their speech is lacking, but because development in children's comprehension and articulation is also needing attention.
When Tom started Primary School I was unaware he was in need of some Speech Therapy lessons. As a parent, when you have a child who talks non stop from the age of 18mths and you think their speech is great, then they begin school and you are told they need therapy you stand back and ask "What for?" Tom did have problems processing thoughts from brain to hand and getting them out in a comprehensive manner. In other words, making a story flow. Sure he could speak well enough, who wouldn't with a Mum that can speak her way out of a wet paper bag? lol. But, his Speech lessons proved well worth the time spent. We were able to continue techniques here at home, and in a few short months, Tom's comprehension improved.
Now, Mia is having Speech Therapy too. Her problems are similar to that of Tomas'. In these past few months her comprehension, her courage and willingness to learn has excelled. Tonight here right beside me she has been writing stories about spiders (I know ewww) and their life cycle. Her sentence structure has improved and she is understanding what it is she is trying to get across. This morning she took along three pages of stories about different spiders to her teacher. Her teacher told her today that she will be putting them together in a book for Mia. I know her teacher very well and I know that this will be given to Mia at the end of the year, and it will show Mia how far she has come since January. Very exciting.


Ginnie said...

I loved "The King's Speech" and thought it was one of the best films I've seen in years.
It was interesting to read how speech therapy has helped your children to focus. I have a nine year old grandson whose life has turned around since he's been doing the same.

Cazzie!!! said...

Thanks Ginnie, that means alot to me that the speech path lessons do work. They are amazing people the speech path's they have patience of gold!

Middle Child said...

How wonderful it is that these things can be sorted out before they affect the lives of our children - n the past it probably would have gone unrecognised till it caused problems.

Cazzie!!! said...

Therese, you are so right :)

-LGirl- said...

I loved the King's Speech and it brought back memories of my DD who had a horrific stammer beginning at the age of 3 1/2. She also had a crutch (A physical action to attempt to get the words flowing) which was a foot stomp. It was heartbreaking to watch this child trying desperately to get her words out and stoomping her little foor. It still makes me weepy. We had a wonderful speech therapist who helped us through it. Pgirl now 13 no longer stutter regularly but on occasion Tiredness or nerves) has to swap out a word or use breathing techniques to get words out.