Thursday, January 13, 2011

Port Of Echuca

Last Sunday we took a trip to see my Pa in Kangaroo Flat near the township of Bendigo. Then we went for a drive further on up the road to Echuca. We went for a ride on a Paddle Steamer. It was lovely. The kids loved it as did us big kids too :) Then, after looking in at the Blacksmith's shop and the Woodturner's shop and buying some fudge from the Lolly Shop we went for a drive over the border to New South Wales to Denniliquin. It was so sunny and HOT there. The kids wadded in warm water in Edwards River... and there was an inland beach there. We got home very late at night, but the trip was magic for our soul :)
Today I woke the boys up early. Tom took his first train ride "by his own self" (as Mia would say) on a V/Line train to Malmsbury. He did not sleep very much... nor did I. He was excited, I was nervous. It was all okay after I spoke to the train guard and explained Tom was being met at the other end by my cousin.
After the train left, and I did not cry... Nick and I went to an awesome cheap book shop and spent time.. refuge from the absolute bucketing rain.. and we purchased heaps of books... great weather for reading I must say. Well, I do not need to discuss the weather do I? I am sure everyone knows Australia is experiencing the opposite of drought now!


Jayne said...

Gotta love the way we Aussies decribe several hundred kms as "up the road" (I do it myself).
Echuca is a gorgeous place, haven't seen Edwards River, an inland beach would be lovely in this weather.

Betty said...

A Paddle Steamer sounds like fun.

Andrew said...

Was the river very high in Echuca? Those upper wharves seemed so pointless to me, but....

Mom said...

There is nothing better than a good bookstore to stop the tears that come when our kids take another memorable step in growing up.

FoxyMoron said...

LOVE Echuca, my kids have their little certificates from driving one of the paddle boats years ago.
The river history is fascinating too.
Glad you're enjoying the Summer holidays with the kids (who are gorgeous).

Karli said...

Hello! You visited my blog: StudyGirl in May of last year and I only just realised :( So sorry. Thank you for your comment :) Lovely to "meet" a nurse over the web! Love your pictures on this post too, hope you are having a fantastic holiday! Karli

Cazzie!!! said...

Jayne, yeah, up the road.. and turn left at the next tree. lol

Betty, it sure is fun, I guess it is not dissimilar to a trip on the Mississippi.. but those steamboats there are truly gorgeous... the Natchez for instance is beautiful in photos. And so big! Reminds me of Showboat.. I loved that film.

Andrew, the river was really not up that high at all. Yeah, those upper wharves seemed pointless to my Dad too, I remember him saying that but now... we will have to wait and see... All The Rivers Run, an understatement it seems.

Mom, I agree, I just love book stores. I have had to walk in and tell Nick to turn off his light at 1am of late. Of course, he sleeps in after a long night of reading but I fear he will strain his eyes a bit too much :)

Foxy, they would have loved to steer those boats I am sure... hope you are enjoying your time this Summer too.

Karli, you must have been studying then, lol. Take care and welcome :)