Friday, January 07, 2011

On New Years Eve the kids and I went to our friend's place and stayed the night. Most of us did not get to bed until 3am. There were many (illegal) fire works, and they all looks spectacular.. even the ones that shot off the wrong way and went into the garage roller door of the old lady across the road from the idiot who let them off.
Hubby had to work NYE, but at least he got Christmas Day off of work this year. I guess, even though he got home at 3am on the 25th Dec... still, he did not have to work that evening. He said the city was crazy with people. That the fireworks in melbourne were wonderful.. and that it was funny that a guy in a Highrise apartment (not not Andrew Highriser) down at The Docklands let off some crackers on his balcony.. where the policemen who were standing with hubby pointed and counted how high and how many doors in the guy was located.. a knock on his door ten minutes later and a big fine to celebrate 2011 went his way!
I have had time off of work for a little while. It has been nice to potter about with the kids. They are loving their school holiday's. The weather has not been too hot, most unseasonal.. but it has been nice.
My friend lives in Mackay in Queensland and they have been on flood watch for a few weeks now. They have one hour of power every four hours, power sharing with neighbouring towns. They say the Mozzies are very very bad right now. They also say that the shops have no more tinned foods, or UHT milks and that everyone is more nervous now that they would be if it were another cyclone alert. My heart is with them all. The poor families of Rockhampton! No one escapes the news about the floods unless they are way outback.
I plan on going to the Open Range Zoo these holiday's. I took three of the munchkins to the Melbourne Zoo last year, along with Stace and Aidan and Ellie.. that such an awesome day too. Those animals are just spectacular to see. Mia liked it especially.
Speaking of Mia, just before I left for work tonight, she shows me her "friends". A spider, some bugs and some grass and stones in a container. Sarah got a surprise from Mia in her underwear drawer this morning... a cocoon.. Gah! Sarah was NOT impressed. So I had to lecture poor Mia on the do's and dont's so far as bugs and the indoors go.
As I walked out the door to head to work, Mia was watching Bondi Vet. She was so excited and wanted me to sit and watch it with her. I hate leaving for work and knowing I am missing out on doing things with the kids... but once I am here I love it. The people I am working with tonight, and last night, are exceptional nurses. I just know I will miss them all once we move to the bush.


Mom said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday.
When are you moving to the bush? Why?
The floods in Queensland have been all over our news. Sounds awful.

Ginnie said...

Happy New Year and I wonder the same thing...what's this about moving to the bush? (and just what is that anyway?)

Jayne said...

Mia sounds like my Aspie teen, used to have containers full of jumping spiders in his room, pats Orb weaver spiders on the back as he wanders about the backyard at night and calls them 'sweet' LOL.

Andrew said...

Move to the bush? I missed that one along the way.

Ginnie said...

Hi again Cazzie. In answer to your question on my blog... my house was built in 1902 and I've lived here for 33 years.
Thanks for asking. Ginnie

Middle Child said...

I missed the news about your move to the bush - when? It'll be a big change but I think your kids will love it because they sound like they like doing things outside...