Sunday, January 16, 2011

By now the World who is in touch with NEWS media would know that Australia is not only the place of bush fires in Summer, but now we have flooding plains. It is not over. There are areas just waiting, and preparing for the oncoming floods.
I watched a documentary on the Qld Premier Anna Bligh some time ago. I do not remember what station it was on, perhaps ABC or something, but it was about her growing up, her education, where she met her hubby, the children coming along, and her becoming a politician. It was very interesting. Even though I live in Victoria, I knew about Anna Bligh. What I did not know was that alot of people in her State did not favour her. Also, that she had a good chance of not being in this position much longer.
Then, came the deluge of rain. An understatement. Whilst Victoria had been manufacturing a water plant (much to the dislike of many people) because of drought, Queensland had been having their fair share of rains.. and then comes all this extra rain that we had all been wishing for. No where to go but to spread across the nation. Too much rain, soaking ground, it is going to run off elsewhere.
What I wanted to really mention, is that Anna Bligh has been amazing. More amazing that our Prime Minister I have to say. Her presentations have been very informative, concise and encouraging for the most part. Anna Bligh has not, in the time I have watched her, used notes or teleprompters to aid her in her speech. She is well briefed, and in good knowledge. She is at her finest right now.
I think Anna Bligh is doing a wonderful job and even today on the telly she was standing strong and giving it her all to keep the community spirit going.
Also, it appears that people who never spoke to their neighbours or other people in their suburbs have banded together. They are meeting each other and helping to clean up their places.. and so friendships are formed.
I grew up in a rural area. Although we did not have neighbours right next door we did know everyone in our region. We would all help each other out should someone get sick or should there be a crisis. Well, you know, gravel roads lead to so many smashed windscreens... and we would have people stopping in at any time of the day for assistance there. We also got together to burn back the high grass areas in November each year, before the heat of Summer would hit. That way our houses were safe from the threat of fire.
If anything good is to come from these floods, it is the resolve of sense of community. I hope it stays with the people of Australia.


Jayne said...

The best has certainly surfaced in Anna Bligh, and in turn she's doing a great job rallying QLDers who've losy so much.
We live in interesting times!

Mom said...

It seems the worst of times often brings out the best in people. The floods in Queensland are on the news here daily.
The weather gods around the world certainly seem to be angry with us this past year.

Ginnie said...

Very interesting post, Cazzie. It always amazes me how we, as a people, can rise to the occasion when needed ... and then seem to go right back down to not caring.
Will we never learn?? I hope so.

Middle Child said...

But where was she when Rockhampton and Gympie and all the outlying areas lay underwater? It was only when Brissie was threatened that she got it together. She is called the premier of Brisbane - not of Queensland because her interests seem to be mainly in Brisbane - of course she was upset when the floods came to where she lived to where she shopped to where her family and friends were - who wouldn't be - but there are answers needed for years of neglect and for lack of maintenance on levees and flood mitigation that should have been done by her and her Government -the flood was always going to be bad - but it did not have to be as bad.