Thursday, December 02, 2010

All Systems Are A Go!

Yep, you read that right people. This time of the year is not so nutty because of Christmas, but it is nutty secondary to end of school events. Also, secondary to planning ahead for school in 2011. Booklists on order, uniforms to order... order order.. order!
December 17th cannot come quick enough for me. It is the end of school, the start of holidays. I love it. I know the teachers do too. Good for them, they deserve a break too, I do not know how they do it, what a hard job to teach children in this day of political correctness. I would have to be on Xanax to teach a class of kids.
Tom is in year 8 next year. He likes going to school, has some awesome mates and I am proud of him for trying his best consistently. Kids learn in different ways. Tom is not one to sit there and just read, but when he has to, he does it. I believe he is a hands on learner.. please correct me if you will. Like... Mia, she learns by doing things hands on experience.. but an academic these two are not. Perhaps things will change?
Nick is in Year 6 next year, hard to believe.. he is an academic for sure. But give him a model to construct and he is just fine. Bionicles his forte. Nick is also picking up how to play the Acoutic Guitar so fast too. He had his concert a few weeks back and his tutor now has a web site up and running. It has pictures of Nick performing and also receiving an encouraging certificate. This is the website for Davies Music School
Sarah is our singer and little artist, most affectionate and sensitive.. she is in Year 4 next year. I love it when she reads to me. Her expression is gorgeous.
Mia is in Grade 2 next year. She struggles to get to school because all she wants to do is be out there with nature. She peers out the window in the hopes of sighting some bird or some butterfly or a caterpillar that she could somehow catch during her play time. Mia's teacher has been amazing. We tailored her learning to all things nature. Books about animal life cycles etc etc. If that is the way she will learn then that is the way she will be taught. I am proud of our Mia.
The most awesome thing happened to me this week. My blog friend Ro sent me two books, and once I finish reading The Lost Symbol, I will read both of these books. Nick has his eyes set on the Best Australian Short Stories book Ro... Thankyou :)
I have set THIS book beside his bed to read once he has completed My Place by Sally Morgan. I am so pleased he loves the same genre of books as I do.


Andrew said...

What diverse talents your bunch have Cazzie. Of course you are not the tiniest bit proud at all...are you :)

Jayne said...

It's good to hear Mia's teacher was so flexible for her, that is great :)
You're welcome, glad the books have a good home - and I enjoyed Sally Morgan's My Place, too!

G-Man said...

My most favorite Angel of Mercy.

Ginnie said...

I have always been impressed by the warm and happy family that you have...they will all do you proud in different ways, I predict !