Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I have been a bit out of action because I have been working night shift in teh Emergency Dept. Will be back on track in a few days. Of course life is hectic right now with the end of teh school year and all. Life is greatQ
Hubby is doing the set up for the U2 concert here in Melbourne tomorrow... strike that.. today.. it is 2am here right now and I am on my break at work. The only time to ctach up with blogs I am afraid.
Will get hubby to take pics of the stage set up, cannot wait to see it myself. Then he wil be setting up for Bon Jovi :)


Mom said...

U2 and Bon Jovi! wow, what a great job.

Jayne said...

Woohoo, your hubby has agood job lol.
How's Nick's back, is that l ocker getting used?
Hope you get a decent sleep today, fingers crossed the heat breaks with some cool weather, I could never sleep during a hot day xxx

Jayne said...

Cazzie, you've won a book giveaway on my blog, send me an email with your postal details and I'll pop them in the mail asap :)