Thursday, November 18, 2010

I heart Ebay

Today I received these runners in the post. They came just one day after having ordered them from an Ebay shop. How is it I can buy these runners, brand new from Ebay for 50% less than in the shops? Of course, I know the answer.. shops have rent, people employed, bills to pay. Well, these are the second set of runners I have purchased in two years off of Ebay. The last set were New Balance. I got them for $49.00 two years ago. These are Asics.. I got them for $95.00 as opposed to in excess of $200 from the shops. "All the more to spend on clothes for the kids on Ebay" I say :)
Last night I fell asleep on the couch. I have been bike riding, walking, mowing and cleaning this week. It has taken toll on my energy. Also, Tom has had a bad back since last week. I had to pick him up from the sick bay two days ago. I think he may have strained it using our gym set. But, his school books are so heavy to carry in his back pack. I have had to teach him how to place his back pack on his body to minimise the physical strain. Also, to encourage him to make good use of the locker I have paid for at school. I suggested he place the books he does not need during the day in the locker. Light bulb moment! Yeah, that is what it is for isn't it? We were not allowed to have lockers at school. Much to our protests. The Principle at the time said it would encourage fighting and vermin if we were to have lockers... whatever.
I posted off my vote for The Victorian Electorate today. It was hard to pick who to vote for when the politicians all jibber jabber on like kids at kindergarten. I wish I were on their pay roll!


Andrew said...

The loads that school kids carry now are absurd. Parents need to watch carefully the weight of backpacks, and as you have done Cazzie, how they are sitting. Ha, we voted today too. We will be too busy on election day.

Mom said...

Good for you on getting shoes that fit on eBay.
Politics has really turned me off. I wonder if there are any honest politicians left.

Middle Child said...

Did I hear you right, you paid for a locker at school = paid for one? I thought school lockers were just provided - they were when our girls were at school - unbelievable