Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Busy Times...

I have worked almost eight days straight. Excluding Australia Day of course. Six afternoon shifts and two night shifts. Neurology Unit, Palliative Care Unit (x2 shifts), Emergency Department on a hot day that was a full moon!, Orthopaedics Unit and then two consecutive nights on Neurosurgery. I got to nurse with some wonderful people, and very patient patients. Every shift brings with it new challenges and lets me hoan in on my skills, often learning so much more. It never ceases to amaze me that I continue to learn new things every day.
One thing I know for sure is that going back to basics of nursing care, the fundamentals of nursing, is often needed. Technology is wonderful, and the medicines are often wonderful too. But, instead of looking to medicines for every single answer to a problem, I try to look for alternatives. Dim the lights, cool washer on the forehead, slow breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth... listening to what is said... and being there for people.
The only thing that upsets me from time to time is when people do not give you a chance to help them out. I think that this is usually when a person is in crisis, they cannot see past what is right before them. Problems are too big for them to deal with. That is where being the patient's advocate comes in to place. It is not easy to do this, it takes alot of knowledge and alot of stepping back and assessment.
The people I work with, I know, would sure be great for me if I were in crisis. I would go no where else other than to them for guidance if I needed it. If I was sick like I was a few years back I would not hesitate to have any of them nurse me. Guaranteed.
On the home front. The kids have settled well into school routine. Tom loves High School and has made new mates. I didn't doubt for a second that we would not find it hard to find mates.
Saying that, we have a notice to vacate our place. Our landlord is selling up to retire. Wish I knew this last year, it would have been easier to move during the school holidays. I have found a nice place and we hope to inspect it in the next week or so. I bet none of you envy me with all the packing that we have to do... yeah, four kids and a dog to pack for :)


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Hope the new place works out well for you all :)

Andrew said...

Sometimes people fall through the cracks in public hospitals, but really, how fortunate we are to have such places where staff really do care. The rest is all good and a new place will be exciting.

Mom said...

If I ever find myself in a hospital in Australia I hope you are my nurse.

And you're right, I don't envy you all that packing. Good luck.

rosemary said...

I hope I never have to move was a huge effort in 1998 and I was "young" then. What you practice is healing....not necessarily nursing....healing can be for the soul and mind and helps everyone.

Middle Child said...

Cazzie - you are so right -and sometimes all it takes is as with Don as touch of comfort on the shoulder which means the most - and having someone bother to dim the lights is wonderful. Its sort of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

And this as you say "It never ceases to amaze me that I continue to learn new things every day." is the only way to live.

Moving you poor daughter also has been given her notice and is looking for somewhere in South Melbourne area - not much luck yet - She is not working like you but has health issues which leave her too easily fatigued which is a danger for her as she can crash too easily - so when she gives me the date for moving I am hoping to be able to go down and take away the worst from her shoulders.

I hope you get some help - but no doubt those wonderful kids of yours will be helpful re their own things anyway.

Cazzie!!! said...

Mal, thanks mate :)

Andrew, you know what, I thank you for letting be see that a new place will be exciting. It is hard to fathom at first, since we have been quite happy here in this street we live in. The proximity to schools and transport is so good too, our neighbours are also very lovely.

Mom, it'd be a pleasure to nurse you I am sure...just don't press the call bell too many times (wink).

Rosemary, I never did see myself as bing the healer nurse, but whe you mention it, I see that it IS what I am trying to do. My aunt has taught me much about healing and oils and the touch of the hand in the right places. I think I need healin myself sometimes!

Therese, thanks so much for the kind words. Both you and Don have done such a wonderdful job raising those gorgeous girls. I would not have doubted for a second that you would help your lovely daughter to pack and arrange things. It is something she is very lucky to have, a lvoely helpful Mum :)
I have begun the packing today. Lablling things and working from room to room. The kids will help out of course. But I want them to also enjoy their first weeks of settling into school, so I will do the majority of things.

karisma said...

OK I eat my last comment! You don't have time to sit down even if the kids are at school. I would love to have you as my nurse too. You are a rare breed these days. Keep up the great work! mwah xoxoxoxo

G-Man said...

I would Love to be in your care Cazzie...:-)

Jayne said...

Good luck with the house and the packing ;)

Raelene said...

Oh boy, I don't envy you the move, we did our last move 27 Dec 2008 and hope to not have to repeat for many years, if not decades. Good luck with this new place suiting you!