Monday, February 01, 2010

School Begins

Today Tom starts Year 7 ..yes, High School. Kissed me goodbye and off he went..early too. He wanted to meet up with his mats, so that was great. He looked lovely in his uniform.
Nick started Grade 5 today, he has a wonderful teacher, he ought to do very well. Nick likes theatrics, and this teacher is involved with a few things down at Gasworks in Port Melbourne.
Sarah is in Grade 3... she is blossoming into a lovely well mannered girl. She has a few friends from last year in her class, but she will easily make more.
Mia, she is in Grade 1. She has a strict teacher which is perfect for her. Mia's personality is the "I can do it by my own self..when I am ready!" That is ok, she is the 4th baby... it is a feral World out there, how else would you survive being the youngest of four? Gotta look after your self right?
I am working two night shifts from tonight, and then I have 5 days off. Those days will be spent around the house, putting cupboards right and filling up clothing donation bags.. much easier to do this when the kids are at school. Otherwise they grab things out of the bag saying, "But muuuum, that still fits me!" Haha


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

My 13-yo son, SJ, started Year seven this year as well! Gagh! growing up waaaaaaay too fast :) :)

Andrew said...

Getting rid of stuff is a good idea since you have to move.

Jayne said...

LOL I hear that all the time "But I still wear that".
Good luck to the kidlets on first day back at school :)

Ginnie said...

You bring back many memories to me. These are exciting times for your whole family.

Middle Child said...

I always wanted four kids - but so lucky to have the two before don's accident - Its so lovely to hear about what you and yours are doing because obviously you have got a lot of good things going on in your family - I don't envy you the teens - but it will be worth it...enjoy these simpler times ha ha

karisma said...

OH NO! What will you do with yourself all day? LOL