Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday..a day off..and a fun on at that.

I took the kids to Science works and we arrived there at about Midday. Et our packed lunches and off we went to have a play. There was a great exhibit about water..water molecules and some nifty experiments played out in front of us with some cute volunteers up front.
It rained fair bit and it was welcome..a nice relief from the hot weather we have had. Some toddlers were spotted jumping in puddles and one bent down repeatedly to try and sip some of the water from the puddle he was standing in. It was funny to see the horrified face of his posh-ish Mum..haha. Thing is, these kids have not seen a good rain, or maybe not even seen a shower in their life time!
I had to explain to my Mia how rain is formed..I know I have done so before, but it is always good to re iterate things.
We drove for a while after Science works. We went down Williamstown Rd, there was a massive flooded area and we had fun making a shower over our vehicle going through that.."Do that again mum!"
I took a picture of Cherry Lake in Altona..that was flooded out to the car park..more showers f water from puddles over the car :)
It was a nice day and I don't want it to be Monday tomorrow :(
I spied some great old buildings on the way home, ones that have a bit of history not just in the sense they are old buildings, but that I used to go to them as a kid with my grandparents... the light was dimming so I will return to take pics and blog about them this week :)


Jayne said...

What a fun day out you all had! :)

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

"Rain"...?!? Noooo, I'm afraid I'm not at all familiar with that concept of which you speak? hahahahahaaaa.

Sounds like a good memory-making time for you all as a family. good on you.

Mom said...

Rain puddles make a wonderful playground

karisma said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Now, what does Et mean young lady? LOL! Here I was, correcting my daughter for dropping her h's this morning! She insists that as aussies we have our own lingo and pronunciation.

Apparently we are supposed to merge our words or shorten them eg. Lets go...lssgo! She said to me "say wadder really fast" Water! No mum your not saying it right! (???)

Meanwhile I was reading your post and laughed at ET, she rested her case! Thanx Caz!

Andrew said...

Beautiful. I love ScienceWorks. There are so many fun sciency things for kids and bigger kids to play with. I want to go again...

Steph said...

I used to love excursions like that. I still go to the Powerhouse museum when there are special events on.

Middle Child said...

More interesting stuff...and how is rain made???

Ginnie said...

It always amazees me when I think that you are on the other side of the globe from where I live. We are just starting our Winter !!

Cazzie!!! said...

Sure was Jayne.

Mal, haha, I know, it is amazing we have the rain here still@

Mom, they sure do.

Karisma, you made me laugh :)
I often even get told I sound like Kasey Chambers when I speak..she is a true Aussie with her only if I could sing like her!

Andrew, you are right, I go ther efor myself, because I sure am a big kid :)

Steph, cool, I love that museum too.

Therese, well, Angels cry :)

Ginnie, it blows my mind too!