Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lots to say... un like me!

Well, we have been very busy this past month. Working and keeping up with the children's social activities, as well as our own. The hot weather has been un believable, and the kids have taken ages to settle into it I think. It was hot and humid and stormy yesterday.
It was parents night at the High School Wednesday night, and Tomas came along with me. Back up to the night before, Tomas had his right big toe nail wedge resected. He has had an in grown toe nail since the age of 3. I have managed it, but it got out of control. It does not help his shoe size has gone from an 8 men's to that of an 11 men's now! The toe nail was always going to have to be resected. So he had a day off of school. That did not make him happy. He loves school, and he missed his girlfriend...oops, girl that is a friend.. (right!).
So, forward to the parents night. I had not imagined it would cost so much for a child to begin High School. Sure the uniform and bag and excursion fees..but not the books! Boy, I am glad I am working a bit more now. But that was to allow us to get in front and save money to go on trips with our four wheel drive. So much for Public Education presumably being low cost.
I am going to go to the second hand book store for a look.. I believe they will have the texts Tom needs. He said "No way Mum" at first..and then I explained to him that it would be like going to the library.. even, recycling. He agrees. Thank the gummy Mary!
Yesterday I worked in an acute setting within the hospital. I was flat out working. I enjoyed it but the heat has been knocking me about a bit too so I was tired when I got home. Today I worked on the Trauma/ Plastics Unit. Another wonderful team of colleagues to work with. I enjoyed that too. Tomorrow is a day off for me. I am so pleased about that :)
I am trying to catch up on every one's blogs, but it is slow-go. Ahhh, I am so pleased we have some relief from the hot weather right now.


Andrew said...

The name 'plastics' has always amused me. Where does it come from? I attended plastics for my hammer finger.

Mom said...

You are one busy lady!

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, great question, and not the first time I have been asked that one. Plastics is derived from the Greek term "plastikos" which means to mold or form something. Not unlike the synthetic plastic many of our household items are mae from :)
So it is really a re constructive surgery which either helps the person 's affected bit or bits to function better and/or appear better..aesthetic reasons.
One time I had a gorgeous( did I just say that?)French visitor to our state of Victoria who had been involved in a traumatc accident. A garbage truck clipped him and he went flying onto the pavement. I informed him that the Emergency Doctors had called for the Plastic Surgeon to come review him after they had finished in theatre.
The patient said "Heyyy! Plastic surgery?" He looked mortified and I had to explain it did not mean he would leave Australia with bigger breasts or anything like that..he did I.

Mom, yes, busy I am.. but I am loving it too.

Jayne said...

Apart from the 2nd hand book shop, ask around any of the parents of students a year or so ahead of Tomas.
The general rule of thumb is they change the text books every 2 years, sometimes it's only a more updated edition but other times it's a completely different one.
Check out op shops cos a lot of brand new text books end up there when they can't be sold on at school due to changes and what one school uses could be completely different to the next school down the road. Also if the CD is missing from the text book don't worry - that's supposed to be included only so the students can take that home instead of the book but hardly anyone bothers.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

[waves hello] Life remains busy, as all mums would immediately identify with. [bows down] I respect you, ma'am!!!

Our boys have been able to pick-up a lot of their school books that are 'handed-down' or 'recycled' from children one-year-ahead too. That may be a 'country town' thing tho, I dunno?

Cazzie!!! said...

Jayne, thanks so much for the heads up.I was worried about the CD thingo you know, but I won't now. And, th fact that Tom was in a composite with te year 7s from this year will make it easier for me to go to them and ask them :)

Mal, yes, I just read through the High School booklet and there is a 2nd hand shop for books..will have a looky there this week too.

Middle Child said...

I was down in Melbourne on that really hot Friday (?) and Ali took me to the Chapel street markets - have you been there?

Public education was actually totally free when I went to school and the textbooks belonged to the school and were loaned out for the year - Mum paid no fees and excursions were to the local milk factory or farm - Uniforms costed and exercise books - I think it is out of hand nowdays