Saturday, November 28, 2009


I have been working in different units the past two weeks. Last week it was the Short Stay Unit and then Plastic surgery slash Trauma slash Maxillo Facial Units...this week it was Cardio Thoracics Unit. I have to say that Plastics/Trauma and Cardio Thoracics are by far the busiest places to work..besides emergency itself. You get the full range of patients on these floors. Every single day I get to learn new things. It is great.
The kids have bee having a great time at school. It is wind down time with end of year activities..and yes, lots of money being thrown in all directions for different outings... Tomas' year level had a fundraiser "spider" drink day ..moneys from that go towards a restaurant outing for the graduating grade sixes. At $2.50 a spider, I might start selling them too!
Driving home from work tonight I spied a few places already done up with the Christmas lights. Unreal! Leave it until December guys. I haven't even finished my shopping for it yet. And..and, my birthday comes first, haha.
Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone. I have the weekend off and tomorrow there is a party for Sarah to go to... fun fun fun.


karisma said...

I have not even thought about xmas yet. I guess its really not that far away though. We never put our tree up until December and usually closer to xmas.

Sitting here thinking those teachers at school must be nuts feeding kids spiders. I wonder if they waited till close to home time? LOL

Andrew said...

Not one tree should be thought of and nothing but the pudding and cake made in preparation for christmas. It absurd that it all started in October.

FoxyMoron said...

I concur with Andrew.

Cazzie when is your birthday?

We're having a live potted tree this year so no decos till mid December I think.

Jayne said...

Sounds like a great work load mix you've got there, Cazzie :)

Ginnie said...

Your busy life on your job takes me back to my years in the ER. I also agree with waiting until Dec. to think about Christma...but it's on us now!

Middle Child said...

I am with you...leave it till december - it gets earlier every year

Middle Child said...

Cazzie, do you know what happened to foxy moron - her blog no longer opens although the profile is still there???