Wednesday, December 02, 2009

So much on..

I am very sad to say that our gorgeous Au Pair Susi is leaving is to head back home to Germany on Friday. It has been an amazing 6 weeks that our family has had with not just our Au Pair, but our extension of a family... our friend.
I have worked the past two mornings, today I was so tired by lunch time. I may invest in some sustagen or something. I will steer clear of those Mother and Red Bull drinks.
My sister took a tram to an Appointment with a neurologist at St V's Hospital today. She had a disturbing time of it her recount. The driver was on the loud speaker going on about the company he works for. He was also rude to elderly people on the tram. My sister let him have it! She is so like me in that respect. I told her to make a complaint... I am not sure she will.
On the weekend we have a few things on with the kids. I plan on taking them to see the Christmas lighta around our area, there are some lovely ones, not so overdone ones, to look at.
Hope everyone is having a great week :)


Jayne said...

The tram driver won't last long in his job if he bad-mouths the company paying his wage!
Yep, those energy drinks aren't always the best, they reckon a Granny Smith gives you more energy, at least they're healthier lol.

Mom said...

your full life just keeps moving along

Ginnie said...

Yup, this has been a good week. I still can't get over all you do. No wonder you get tired!

Stace said...

Oh wow. I've just been reading lots of Agatha Christie - lots of au pair girls! I didn't know they still existed. lol