Thursday, February 19, 2009

By Jove She's Got It!!

My baby can write sentences now. She is beginning to "get it", you know, this is the saddest and happiest point in their educational lives for me. I am an avid reader, I have always read to my kids. I always buy books for Birthday, Christmas and on any other day that I feel like buying books for them.
I reckon it pays the end..or is that the beginning? Well, you know, I did cry when Tomas said to me "Mum, I KNOW how to read, you don't need to read the book to me now". Boohooooo, blubbering mess was I!
Nicholas is a self taught reader. He reads a novel every night. Thanks to Karisma for the Bionicles set of books, as he has re-read them to death! He also reads Horrible Histories, Aussie Chomps, Footrot Flats and MAD magazines. I have just purchased some good books off of ebay for him.. one is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book..does anyone remember them? I do, and I loved them! The other book is an R.L Steine "Goosebumps" book. I can't wait to see his face.
Sarah is sitting next to me rightr now reading out some poems. She actually sings them as opposed to reading them. I love it. Her little voice is kind of breaking as she quivers her tones.. I think she could even yodel if she had lessons :)

So there you have it, my four little readers. Mia's teacher is just over the Moon today, we did a "Hi FIVE" motion at the end of school, and we danced around saying "She got it! By Jove she got it!"


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

That's great! it's a great age, isn't it?

I know we instilled a passion for reading in our boys... our bookshelves continue to overflow with well-loved reading material :)

Tanya said...

Hi Cazzie, just popped in to say hi and thanks for the link. You are now added to mine. Great to see you children developing a passion for reading. You know the sign of intelligence isn't what you know but the questions you ask. They sound like they are well on the way to learning that.
Friggin Loon

Stace said...

That's fantastic! I do remember choose-your-own-adventure books, they were lots of fun. They're not difficult to write, either - that could be an activity all your kids could try, now they're reading and writing! :)

FoxyMoron said...

Oh wow, someone else who is mad about kids reading! I read to all of mine from day one, people used to laugh at me reading to a newborn, but hey one of mine was Dux of her school in primary! And all my kids love reading. I really believe that it sets them up for a good well rounded education. I remember having a neighbour once with children, who just didn't have a bookcase in her home. I couldn't understand it. My two have one each, we have one in the hall and one in the kitchen (for cookbooks..well that's reading isn't it?)

I remember the "Make Your Own Adventure" series too.

Oh and I got my youngest reading in earnest with the Zac Power series of books, great stuff for 8-11 year olds.

Cazzie!!! said...

Mal, isn't it great!

Tanya!! Wooot, I am so pleased you stopped by. I just love your blog :) You sure put a different spin into current affairs. When I worked night shift and had my break this week your blog was like a breath of fresh air to read. It made me laugh, and it de-stressed me as I was working in Emergency 2 of the nights.
That is so true, the questions the kids ask, all so valid, I love the task of answering them. Never a dull moment that is for sure :)

Foxy, Unreal! I have been looking to get our second and perhaps third bookshelf this past week! Watching quite a few on Ebay, and also keeping an eye out at garage sales too :)
I also read to my babies as babies, even in the bath...I just loved it :)
Zac Power, wow, Nick just asked about those books today..he is almost 10 yrs whaddya know, it looks like I am off to my fav bookshop tomorrow.

Stace, what a superb idea, writing their own books, and Sarah, she will want to illistrate hers aswell as she loves to draw.

Andrew said...

As a kid, I would spend hours and hours reading. Not that I am great at sentence construction, grammar, spelling etc, lots of reading must have an impact.

Mom said...

Reading is such a wonderful adventure. I'm so glad your kids have joined the adventure that reading provides.

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, I believe so :)

Mom, adventure is right...Nicholas just finished reading the Choose Your Own Adventure book I bought him :)

Ginnie said...

Reading is one of my greatest pleasures and I love it when I see a family that reads. Your children will thanks you countless times over in the years to come.

karisma said...

Oh I just love it when they "get it!" Zak has spent the whole week at school, then out every afternoon playing with friends. On Thursday arvo, I was not home when he got home with his sister and then had to go out with the girls. He felt quite put out and curled up next to me on the bed when I got home, with a pile of books! I love it!

I must admit I am missing him but he is really enjoying school despite the rough and tumble side. He finds it all very amusing and entertaining!