Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just cruising..

These past few weeks have been so draining emotionally. With the bush fires, the stories being reverberated on the radio, in the newspapers, on the News and from people I work with. I know of 5 people who have lost their homes in this tragedy from work. Everyone I know has donated money and goods to the affected people. It is just marvellous how everyone helps each other.
I have just finished a three night shift in a row stint at work. The shifts were very busy, very tiring yet mostly rewarding. If I could write the things I see I would be here forever. The good thing about the people I work with is the fact that we all support each other in talking about the things we see. Yes, there are nurses out there that don't appear to be affected by the things they witness.. I am not one of them. So talking through things makes it easier to function.
Anyway, I am off to bed to sleep. Have a great day everyone.


Mom said...

when I am sick I want you to be my nurse.

Stace said...

Glad you're holding up ok and being optimistic, seeing it as more rewarding than tiring. I'm with "Mom" - if and when Aidan move back to Melbourne, can you nurse me and Bean?! haha

Middle Child said...

My eldest sister is a renal dialysis nurse and has been since 1985...only sometimes is something so bad she rings me and tells names or places, just sometimes it is too sad to hold in. God smiles on all you good are gold...thanks okay

FoxyMoron said...

Where would we be without the wonderful people who choose nursing as a profession? Nurses are underpaid and underappreciated in this country, just like teachers.
Glad you have your colleagues to support and listen to you.

Andrew said...

It is good when you have workmates to relieve your stress with. Plenty of black humour, I am sure.

g-man said...

I just love that pic Cazz.
Sort of looks like Amish Hill-Billy's.
Hang in there baby.....G

rosemary said...

Steve and I always managed to get work off of our chests at the dinner table for some reason....maybe differing shifts. I carried a lot of my patients with me for months....still do with a few.

karisma said...

I wish there were more nurses like you! To be caring and feeling makes for such a better nurse I think. It means so much to a sick person. You must be exhausted. Thank you for being you. WE love you!

LOVE that picture! Very cool!

Cazzie!!! said...

Mom, any day.

Stace, I'd love that, of course I'd have to hold The Bean LOTS!! :)

Therese, it is always great to be able to speak about things with someone you love. Then it takes a load off of the mind, allows analysis. Even if there is nothing really that the listener can do, other than to listen, which is a fine art I must say.

Foxy, thankyou for the lovely comment, it is really appreciated you know :)

Andrew, of course, wouldn't settle for less. I guess it is our way to ad humour, a great mechanism to unwind, to de stress the situation.

Galen, thanks for the encouragment mate.

Rosemary, you know, I am the same, I think of alot of my patiens often.

Karisma, you are also one in a million :)