Saturday, December 20, 2008

Local Christmas Lights..

This image was taken by Sarah, my 7 year old little miss.... it is of a place near our house. It is a little unit really. The gentleman who decorates it buys a few more of those rope light creations each year and places them neatly on tall over the place. It is not over done like some of the places, it is actually pretty to look at. That and the "Jack-in the box" Santa on their drive way.
We have placed some lights on a little tree out the front of our house, they look nice when we arrive home at night. Then, our Christmas tree has some flashing lights, it is enough I think.


Mom said...

Your decorations sound just perfect to me. i do love looking at all the lights around town.

Andrew said...

Hmmmm, the blokes unit is not exactly restrained decoration. I think it is the kid coming out in adults that make them want to decorate.

RVB said...

I personally don't like the glitzy lights during Christmas; it's too Crown Casino-esque. It's tacky and I'm irritated by 'em. But I'm irritated by a lot of things - not least the conformity felt across Australia during the festive seasons.

Incidentally, I'm interested in that job you mentioned on my blog. Perhaps you could contact me with the email on my Blogger ID page?

Cazzie!!! said...

Mom, thanks very much :)

Andrew, I am afraid you are quite right. Similar to what parents sometimes give their children for Christmas with the things they themselves missed out on as children. So now, I am goign to buy my children a kaleidoscope, some tickets to a circus and a tree house, yep, that'll compensate , lol.
No, they will receive love, huggs and items that reflect their own likes and personalities, which are, of course, individual and varied. And, always a book or two, cannot stress how important books are to them.

RVB, I like that analogy of lights to the casino.
For me, with my family from up the country, I love the fact we get together, relax for the whole day and just enjoy watching the kids all play together. They play out on the land (quite a few acres) and canoe on the dam.
I dislike the hype the shops attatch to the season. I dislike crowds. I get my usual grocery shopping sorted way before, and avoid the shops until after Boxing Day.
What I would like to see is people being careful out there and being thoughtful of others. I have witnessed alot of stressed out people abusing each other in parking lots (all while I have been riding my bike or walking). It is sad.

Ginnie said...

Some people are very creative with their outside displays...but it's not always to my taste. Yours sounds more to what I'd like.

Flat Coke and Flies said...

When your light bill is more than your mortgage, it's time to take down some decorations!! lol

Cazzie!!! said...

Ginnie, that is for sure. We went to see some displays last night that were out of this World! A girl even came out in an elf outfit and gave candy! Her dad came out as Santa and did the same!

FC&F, LOL, for sure, waste of energy!