Sunday, December 14, 2008

Work Christmas Party 2008...

Today, despite the wettest few days Melbourne has had in 3 years, the end of yea Christmas Party went on. Three of the kids went on the Harley Davidson ride...very very cool!

Nicholas flew like a bird on the Bungee Trampoline Ride.
Sarah giggled and giggled and could not flip around like Nicholas did just because of the giggling!

Sarah was super impressed with Rusty the Pony.

Mia was equally impressed with Chelsea the pony.

Oh no, a present mix up..Nick got a "girls aged 9 Gift" to begin with. Santa is just explaining how things can go wrong sometimes.. and of course, Nick is lending an ear.

Here they are, my four kiddies. Mia is still a bit funny about the man in the red suit, and so Nicholas had to hold her still. Nick got a building set, Tom got a Volcano Kit, Sarah got a jewelry box and Nick, Mia, she got a dancing singing Disco Doll!! Yeah!!


AspergantuS said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family Cazzie! And God bless you.

Mom said...

I love Christmas parties. Looks like a great party.

Keshi said...

Wonderful party then! lovely pics too :) so cute!


G-Man said...

What a Great Party!!!
I'd love to be givin the Harley Rides....G

Ginnie said...

That looks like a really great Christmas party. When my children were that age we didn't have anything near as elaborate...Santa yes but not the fun bike rides and bungee jumps. What fun!

Stace said...

Looks like a lot of fun for the kids! And you seem to have enjoyed it too :)

karisma said...

Looks like loads of fun! Now this is the type of xmas party I would prefer to go to!

karisma said...

Just me again. Wanted to let you know that I heart nurse and the great job you do! Just incase you happen to read my latest post and take offense. The nurses on duty at our local hospital on Monday night were half wonderful and half down right inhumane! I tried not to refer to them too much in my post. But some bastard drugged my child. And of course I was stressed and complacent at the same time. I ranted after I got home. No offense to your profession, you do a wonderful job. Hugs xxxxx

butterflies said...

Great pics! The harley ride will be remembered forever and will produce a future biker;)

Happy Christmas Cazz to you and yours..Hope its wonderful!
Love and hugs and Gods blessings!

karisma said...

Hey Caz! Thanks for the comments at my place! I won't be putting in any complaints about that nurse, she was the only one who was nice to us! Sure she slipped up but she was tired, I could relate. It was the triage nurse that was nasty and the fact that they did not check on her amazed me. Funnily enough CG said they were checking her every ten minutes before I got there then they pretty much left it to me to do the nursing!

Cazzie!!! said...

Aspergantus, thanks so much, same to you and yours!

Mom, I know, it sure was :)

Keshi, huggs and kisses and be safe girl.

GAlen, woohoo Harley :)

Ginnie, we are so lucky to have had this elaborate affair, and I emailed the people who organised it with much love and thanks.

Stace, if our parties were as elaborate I'd be stunned as a child!

Karisma, I so hear you! I am just glad your daughter is safe now, thanks goodness.

Butterflies, take care, you deserve a lovely Christmas !!

Molly said...

Hi Cazzie,
I always enjoy reading about your family and seeing your pictures. I hope that your Christmas is wonderful.

Cazzie!!! said...

Molly, thanks for stopping by, and Seasons Greetings to you and yours :)

Middle Child said...

You get to go to all the good parties...great photos and a happy christmas