Monday, December 22, 2008

Yummy things..

This was what my birthday cake looked like, that is before it was devoured by my children, and of course, my dear husband who bought it! It was a chocolate mousse-cake from Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse.

This is what Mia made for me yesterday when I was cleaning out cupboards. She walks over with the plate, cut up banana, a strawberry and some coke zero..which she promptly drank half of the coke zero herself :)
One day last week Mia made me some Salada biscuits with sliced banana on them and some gherkins...right on!!


karisma said...

Oh what a lovely girl! See she was thinking about your weight, too much soft drinks are bad for you! We would not want you to go all feral or anything! Good girl Mia!

coffespaz said...

Happy Birthday, my dear! Looks like you celebrated in style!! Have a wonderful Christmas.

Molly said...

Happy Birthday Cazzie. The cake and Mia's treat look scrumptious.

Andrew said...

Already wished you happy birthday.
Sliced banana and gherkin. What an adventurous daughter you have.

Jay said...

That's a really yummy looking cake!

Happy Birthday!

Cazzie!!! said...

Karisma, haha, you are right, she was thinking "healthy mummy".

Coffeespaz, we sure did, thanks and same to yours.

Molly, thankyou. The treat was devine!

Andrew, yes, and thankyou! I found the image of my cake on my phone camera and had to show everyone. To be honest, I forgot I took an image, something to do with consumption of many ouzo and cola drinks during the course of my birth-day :)
Mia is certainly adventurous :)

Jay-Man, the kids truly loved the cake.

eric1313 said...

At least you are being well fed by the loved ones!

That cake looks like a dream... The strawberries and chocolate mousse... ooohhh how delicious.

Andrew said...

Ouzo Cazzie? Must be the Greek coming out in you.

Middle Child said...

Mia sure takes after you in the fancy foods department