Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where have I been??

The dreaded flu has hit our little family. Tom had 2 days off of school last week and Mia had a day off as well. Lots of squeezed lemons and honey here!
I took the chance to do some pre-Spring cleaning around the house while I had to stay at home with the kids and their sharing of the flu bug. Curtains washed and looking lovely, dusting along the skirting boards and window sills, it feels good to have done it all.
On my bike ride along the river last week I got to see some lovely ducks, they actually had come up out of the water an all the way up to the riding track, not their usual behaviour. I have been taking the track since May this year, perhaps they were looking for some food. I might take them some bread this week, and take my camera to show you how cute they are.


treespotter said...

i used to feed the ducks in the pond. Until one time they chased me down in fury. It was winter and horrible and truly traumatizing.

I hope you all get well soon!

Jay said...

Yeah, watch out for those ducks. They can get pretty aggressive.

Hope everyone gets better fast!

Drywall Mom said...

Hope you are feel better.

Middle Child said...

Sorry you've all been sick. Alison also lives in Melbourne (South M) and has been sick with flu for about 2 weeks. What pond are you talking about? She lives accro9ss the road from the lake they held the grand Prix around - Albert lake is it??? unsure. We went to see the black swans one windy day in May Brrrr so many water birds. Hope you're all improving now.

G-Man said...

I hope there was no puking going on in your home Caz...xox

Team Gherkin said...

Curse and Dang the Lurgy! Early-Spring cleaning as well... sounds like a productive few sick-days there too. Good on ya! Hope you don;t get too cold out riding this time of year... should I send you some of our snow, perhaps? muwahahahaa :P

Mal :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Ace, wow, sounds like our flower girl in our wedding, she is 18 now and she still is scared of birds since our wedding. When we got pictures taken, there were these massive peacocks there, and they scared the bejesus out of her.

Jay, thanks for the well wishes.

Mom, thanks :)

Therese, it is the Werribee River we cycle along. There is heaps of wild life there, it is great. I know Albert Park Lake, we used to sail on it until about 6 years ago. Life got busy :) I hope your daughter can get better, my Tomas has had trouble kicking the bug that is for sure.

Galen, nope, no puking, just bad sniffing and blocked sinus'.

Mal, today was especially cold that is for sure, it was a day I used to dye my hair and pamper myself :)

Stace said...

Oh no, not the dreaded flu! I've been remarkably lucky this year... maybe it's just that there's not enough people in Canberra for me to catch anything from them.

rosemary said...

We had geese in our yard....I had mowed and think they were looking for worms. Take the bread and pictures next time.....duckies are cute.