Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Well I was tagged by KARISMA and I don't usually do these things, well, not often any how and since Karisma is so much like me I thought..what the heck..why not! Life has been very busy here and the calender is full to the brink... it is all good and everyone is healthy which is the main thing as I see it. Here goes...

A.) attached or single? Most definately married.

(B.) best friend?That would be my huband.

(F. ) favorite color? Orange i my favourite colour for sure.

(H.) hometown? Anywhere I am I feel at home

(J. ) January or July? Definately January, I love the sun.

(K. ) kids? Well, you all know I have children right?

(L.) life isn't complete without? Some rest and relaxation, getting back to nature, love and light as my Auntie says.

(M.) marriage date? 23/9/95
(N.) number of brothers & sisters? I have many brothers that I have adopted.

(O.) oranges or apples? Oranges and apples, I cannot decide.

(P. ) phobias? none.

(Q.) quotes? "I feel good !"

(R.) reasons to smile? There are many reasons to smile, and every day I love to laugh.

(S) season of choice? Spring for me, I love my tree when it has all its lovely leaves on it.
(T.) tag seven peeps! Hmmmm......Equoni over at The Dingo (So you can all see she really is NOT WT, in fact shes a real person and she needs an excuse for another post before she runs off)Alison at RDH Mom (Just because she loves faeries as much as I do!)Nikki who's Husband Calls Her Weird! (now there is something we have in common although she likes to use the "F" word a lot, and I associate "F" with faeries)Sayre the Smiler who is currently busy doing jigsaw puzzles (this will give her something more mundane to do!)Cazzie who does not do mornings! (Who also has a couple of things in common with myself, can you guess what?)Hulagirl who likes to swing it with her heart (because she is a sweetheart and I like her)and last but very not leastKila mom to 3 cubs ( Who has become a very dear friend and who has been making me feel better this week with all her fun outdoor sunny adventures!)(U.) unknown fact about me? Contrary to the belief of the majority of you all......I do infact EAT MEAT!!!!!! Shock horror! Not very often mind.........but I there! (Only when I am feeling iron deficient though okay????)
(V. ) vegetable? How did you guess? Okay, I took that as are you a vegetable? LOL! Hmmm we all know I love all vegetables! Yummmmmy! Especially green ones!(W.) worst habits? Wine!!!!, and maybe not being strict enough when it comes to letting the kids off with the housework chores! (Loved Fayes comment about making them wear their knickers inside out to cut back on washing! Cameragirl would just die!)
(X.) x-ray or ultrasound? Okay thats a weird question! Well I guess I would prefer an ultrasound! At least you get to look at a baby instead of a bone!(Y.) your favorite food? Spagetti or red lentil soup!
(Z.) zodiac sign? Gemini (I dont really follow Mayan daysign is 11 men (eagle) much more accurate to my personality!So, there you go! If you have been tagged please comply and spill your guts! If not and you would like to, please go ahead and let me know so I can come and read your confessions!

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