Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Ducks Today

At Least They Won't Be Sued if Something Goes Wrong...

I think it was too cold even for the ducks to come out and play today. We went for our ride, we took a different route today, peddled back the other way down the river- side. My....that really hard hill we get up each time we ride, was seeminlgy effortless today. I can see now just how steep the hill is, measured by the fact that I did not have to peddle once for at least a good 400 metres or so. My bike whizzed down that "grade" as we have named it now.

The weather was not sure what it wanted to do today... one minute we sprinkled with rain (no complaints as our reservoir is still so very low in the state of Victoria) and then it was blustery with icy wind. Brrrrrr!!!

Bring on Spring!!


Keshi said...

gloomy ay?

its quite sunny n warm in Syd :)



Team Gherkin said...

Twas a gorgeous bright sunny day here... crazy Bathurst winter weather! it was snowing 36-hours ago! hahahahaa.

Bring on Spring indeed - tis Sailing time! I think I'll have to start from scratch and re-learn everything about it yet again! lol.

Mal :)

Mom said...

We are basking in the last days of a beautiful summer day. Planning to spend the day at the beach tomorrow. You can tell me your summer stories while I am shoveling snow here in January.

Drywall Mom said...

That sucks, it's been hitting 100F here. I'm living in a sauna.

Jay said...

That sign is hilarious! haha

Betty said...

Love the sign. I hope everybody is feeling better now.

karisma said...

Spring? Stuff that! Bring on Summer! Lets just get right back to sun sand sand! I am no liking the cold!

Just reading the warm Sydney comment. Yeah its warm during the day and ultra freezing at night! I even have to wear shoes I tell you! Its wrong!