Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lakes Entrance..

We spent 3 nights and four days at Lakes Entrance which is a few hours drive out of Melbourne. I have posted a little about this before a while back in a History Post(click to see). It is Winter here for us and as we were not far from snow country it was quite chilly the first night. Still, it did not deter us all from doing quite a bit of fishing, and alot of driving and looking at alot of amazing things.

Image 1:Mia caught her very first fish on this vacation. It is called a silver trevally.... we used him for fresh bait. Image 2: Sarah catches her very first fish, the biggest one of the night. Image 3: Tom caught adecent sized fish, he has caught fish before. Image 4: Nick caught his very first fish...can't you tell from his face?? Image 5: Catch of the night, ME! Haha see that? What a massive shark right? LOL!!!

We truly had such a wonderful time. We cannot wait to travel further up the coast next time and keep on fishing. We travelled as far as to Orbost, even closer to the Snowy Mountains..and through to Marlo, where the Snowy River meets the sea...such gorgeous and untouched views. The largest pelicansI have ever seen in my life, and just crisp clean air..ahhh, lovely :)

ADDIT# To top off an awesome vacation, and to begin a new semester at school, Sarah got student of the week today. She had to stand by her lonesome up front of assembly while everyone cheered for her efforts of last semester's work. Then, she presents me with a tooth that she lost while at school then, another thing happened, Mia got "star student of the day" in class today..yippeee, how cool is that?


karisma said...

LOl! I got all excited when I saw the title to this post! What! She went the the Entrance and did not visit me??? Then I noticed that you were still in your own state! So I forgave you instantly!

We have a Lakes Entrance just down the road (about 12 min drive). Ours is probably a bit warmer than yours but has been a bit chilly this week. (for us anyway) The thought of snow makes me cringe, I am not partial to the cold at all.

I love the fishing pictures, especially your one! You look prouder than the kids do with your catch! The only thing I've ever caught is a baby sand shark with a net of course so I could let him go again!

Cazzie!!! said...

Haha, I am so pleased you got excited too! And, I would have been ever so upset had I travelled thatfar and not known I was so close to you adn hadn't visited!
We suer will make it up your way on one of our school holiday times. Next time we plan to go up to Mallacoota, maybe a little further. We just relax and drive and stop where we feel something good will happen.
So, now I know just where you are, almost, we will set a target to get to keep the jug on the boil ok :)

Stace said...

What fun! I haven't been to Lakes Entrance in years and years. And I've NEVER been fishing! Woe is me! Congratulations to all who caught their first fishies :)

Jay said...

I love to go fishing, but I haven't been in years.

You guys have such fun adventures together. It just looks like so much fun!

Keshi said...

I really must go there! I cant believe I've lived in Aus for so long but hv never been there :(

Cute pics of ur babies!


dale said...

I've always thought Lakes Entrance went all touristy in the early 80's.

Which is a great shame, as I miss the old Lakes Entrance.:-(

Andrew Highriser said...

We stayed in such a nice motel in Lakes Entrance in the eighties on our way back from Sydney. Great views. After our big trip, I will look forward to local holidays for a few years.

Cazzie!!! said...

Stace, you probably would see a difference to the place, as a couple of commenters say. There are many caravan parks, mainly resort style ones now, with cabins being the main stay.
Still we used our little pop top van and Toms tent and well, the fresh air was lovely. You have GOT to try fishing :)

Jay, fishing sure is awesome, you ought to get up and just go and do it mate :)

Keshi, next time we go up that way we ought to all meet there to camp together, and SHOP :)

Dale, I believe it would have changed alot. The tourist park we stayed in had about 10 spots for caravans and the rest were these tidy little cabins. The owner wsa adorable and the place was so very tidy, I would stay again. Bonus was we could take Bondi our little doggie there too :)

Andrew, yes, local is great..and well, it is nice to see our own backyard and what a yard it is!

Keshi said...

wow that wud be sooo nice!


Middle Child said...

Good stuff all this fishing...bit cold isn't it?