Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sleep-over Party!

It is Nicholas'9th Birthday on Monday 12th May. Last night he had a sleep-over party here with a few of his mates. They were all so well behaved and they had such a fun time too. We played pin the pirate on the treasure map (As opposed to pin the tail on the donkey). We laughed alot and it is so nice to see the kids having fun.
They watched a dvd all together and I set up a mattress in the lounge room so they slept in their sleeping bags there. Right now, one of the kids is still alseep, and the rest of them are up, dressed and walking the dog.

Of course, Mother's Day is tomorrow, and well, the kids have made things for me at school and bought things at the Mother's Day Stall...Mia kept on creeping into her room and munching away on what I think are my chocolates! Oh well, there are countless things you can do with an empty chocolate box right? LOL
Monday, apart from being Nicholas' Birthday, is International Nurses Day. It also happens to be the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. Cards and donations may be sent to me myself and I if you care about nurses...haha, just kidding!!!

No word on Tom's Mongoose Menace 2007 as yet... let's hope we find it!

Have a great mother's day out there tomorrow people.


Middle Child said...

Oh God, I remember all the sleepovers with mattresses and sleeping bags on the lounge room floor... all those little girls all now women in their 30's... all that giggling... the food... my god but they coulod eat... so nice those memories and a happy Mothers day to you Cazzie!

Keshi said...

I never had a sleepover :(


Keshi said...



Maria said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog Cazzie :-) One of my best friends is a nurse! Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day,

That Dude said...

I have managed to avoid sleepovers.

Happy Mums Day!