Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The news all day long here...

Today I got to sit on the couch and watch the telly. Then the midday movie and of course, every hour, the news break would come on. It did, at first, show a crowd of Cab drivers who were blocking the busiest part of Melbourne to make a few points. Then, as the day progressed, it showed the same Cab drivers this time with their shirts off and bandannas on their heads with signs being held up..with poor spelling I might add.
At the weekend a young Cab driver was stabbed and left for almost-dead on the pavement not more than 300metres from his cab. He was rushed to The Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition. Of course, this is shocking and outrageous, but it happens. No one chooses to get stabbed, and we all SHOULD feel safe going about our work. Point is, there are dangerous people about.
What can be done? Make it safer for the Cab drivers while they are working with cameras and alarm buttons to set off perhaps..yes, talk of the bubble that surrounds the cab drivers that separates them from the passengers...yet, I do believe the bubble may cause some concerns when the Cab is involved in an accident, retrieving the trapped driver of said driver therefore takes longer and we all know every second counts. Maybe better to have the bubble in case of the danerous pulic outweights this?
What can the Cab drivers do who were in the demonstration today? Well, from what I did see today, they could have had a shower, presented themselves as a uniform group, they could have voiced their opinions together by appointing one spokesperson and getting their word out. Change cannot happen at a fast pace, we all know it does not work that way, but, if they carry on like dills like today they will not get public support.
My advice, as a member of the public is..get your shit together, dress neater, learn to spell better if you are going to make a point on a placard, and ..go and support your injured colleague.. he needs you!!
After all of this, HERE is a great cablog to spend a few minutes reading. This guy Adrian Neylon is a Sydney Cab driver. He is a hard worker and as far as I can see, a decent guy..perhaps these non-shirt wearing Cabbies from Melbourne could take a leaf out of his book?
I am not saying I think it is wrong to speak your mind or cause some sort of diruption to get noticed and make a point, especially when it invlolves safety at work.. we all want to get home to our loved ones. But do it in a uniform manner, and make someone who is a strong speaker be the one to make the noise. Your thoughts?


Andrew said...

Would I have read Adrian's blog a few years ago Cazzie? Found through Agent Fare Evader?

I kind of agree with you about better presentation. But I think most had been at the location since yesterday afternoon, but you point is right. And they need spokespeople without heavy accents so that their message can be clearly understood. In essence, they need to be better organised.

But then look at try to listen to City of Melb Lord Mayor.

Cazzie!!! said...

OMG Andrew, you are so right, even if our Lord Mayor is dressed to the 9's, listening is difficult, you just made me laugh,,a good night cap it is. :)
Oh yes, in answer to your ?, I have read cablog a few times off of Steph's blog roll, and I think perhaps Agent Fare Evader's aswell.

revis said...

BTW, I just caught a glimpse of ur two spelling slips when I occasionally ..
listed as here:Disruption and Involve.

So might u spell well b4 criticising others and check the spelling b4 let others to read!(attract public notice and then gain public interest.)

It is my understanding that 'think b4speak' is a fairly ordinary principle if you regard urself as a
unbiased reviewer. So think carefully.

Just because they came from a particular part of the world, does that make them second class citizens in this country?

Some creatures are arrogant because they think they know everything but are actually ignorant.
Some creatures are ignorant because they can't know the truth.
Some creatures can't know the truth because they are brainwashed by their biased media.
Some creatures are brainwashed by their biased media because they don't realize that their media can lie.

Team Gherkin said...

Hiya Cazzie. I'd delete revis' post, as it's not being positively constructive to the discussion. But of course, that's your call.

The cabbies in our rural town are always polite, well-maintained and prompt. Never had a real problem with them. But I'm fully aware of what a horrid working situation it can be for them, all the same.

Of course, here in our great country everyone has the right to have their say and be heard. Not everyone has a 'uniform' way of expressing their views tho. But that's just the huge varying part of human nature, I guess.

Hope you and your family are having a positive week together.

Mal :)

LanternLight said...

if they carry on like dills like today they will not get public support.

How DARE they block the city. I agree with you, they acted like dills.

Cazzie!!! said...

Revis, welocme to my blog. I do believe I used spell check prior to posting this blog entry. I also believe I did not at any time call anyone second class citizens. Perhaps, if you want to get on this sort of bandwagon you should create a blog of your own and go on about people you think are second class. To me, no one is second class.
Constructive critisism can be a good thing, if it is done in a positive manner..which yours clearly is not.
Have a great day.

Mal, I so agree, a horrid working situation being out on the road on your own and in the middle of the night too. Of course, we know crimes can be committed during daylight hours also..I see this with my own eyes and not through the media at all.
Everyone deserves to feel safe at work, and I hope the cabbies do get what they are after, which is best as possible. :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Lantern, how are you mate? Hope you are well :)

G-Man said...

Well put Cazzie...
Maybe you should be their spokesperson?

Have a Great day sweetie!

LanternLight said...

Neil Mitchell sums it up quite well:,21985,23624724-5000106,00.html

(and I've been bird-watching)