Thursday, May 01, 2008

It Rained..

Today was so fabulous with all of the rain we got here. Finally, we ARE on the rain band! The kids loved it too.
The country areas will appreciate it as well. Coming back from Stawell this last Monday we got to see alot of farmers sewing their seeds into their crops. Some of them must have done the sewing of seeds with the last little sprinkles we got a few weeks ago. That is because, as you look over the neatly ploughed paddocks, you can see a tint of green coming through.
Now, as it is Autumn, my favourite tree in the yard is loosing its leaves, it is sad to see the tree looking so bare. I cannot wait for Spring to come again when the tree comes back into its full glory.
I read with both of my girls' classes at school today. It is so great to see all the children progressing in their reading. It makes me smile.
Mia had library today at school, she picked a great story called "Olga The Brolga" is one of my favourites too!
I got to buy myself a book today. I have been after a copy of it for myself for sometime now, it is called "Lady of the camellias" written by Alexander Dumas. I read it when I was about 11years old and ever since then I have thought about it umpteen times. I do believe there is a play based on the novel..has anyone seen or heard of it?


Team Gherkin said...

Glad you're encouraging your children with their reading... there's not much of a better life-preparation skill as reading - and enjoying it! I know my three boys love to read, and have a great imagination as a result.

Altho I have to admit I'm not aware of that particular book. Hope one turns up easily for you. Enjoy.

Mal :)

jillie said...

I too love the fall but the spring was always so refreshing. Could you send some rain to us? We really could use some.

Cazzie!!! said...

Mal, you are so right, every book is so important to us here, and I like to share that with the kids.

Jillie, I am usually a great sharer, but in the instance of rain, I cannot share. We have been in drought so long that it ould seriously take a good 3 months of full on rain to even half fill our reservoirs. :(

Drywall Mom said...

I hope it doesn't rain too much here, we just took the gutters off the house and are replacing them. But then again, I we'll have to get it done faster so that we don't have to put it off.

Stace said...

Yay for the rain! Unless you have to ride a scooter without waterproof pants...! hehe

We didn't actually get much up here, just a few splatters.

I'm so tired and lethargic right now... one of my colleagues insists on having two heaters going all the time in this tiny little office, and it gets so stuffy and makes me dreary!

But I do get to leave in 9 minutes...

I'm going to my first singing lesson in about 8 years! :)

Middle Child said...

Autumn is my very favourite time of the year Cazzie... somehting special about it